How to use your Magical Deliveries accessory set

How to use your Magical Deliveries accessory set

The Magical Deliveries accessory set is one of the four foundation accessory sets that I heartily recommend you invest in when you first invite the Fairies to live in your home.

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The reason for that is because it appears in almost every magical adventure we have. Whether that is a big celebration or festival. Or whether we are simply trying to put a little magic into the every day.

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Where to begin?

I've always found that children are only truly convinced a Fairy friend is really living behind their beautiful Fairy Door if they see them doing the everyday things that they know we all do.

So when you Fairy Door first arrives in your home, it's a good idea to take a short period to settle your new neighbours in with some basic comings and goings.

how to use your magical deliveries accessory set

Use your Magical Deliveries accessory set as evidence the Fairies are living in your home

Your Magical Deliveries accessory set is perfect for helping you to create a few short magical adventures that show your little ones that the Fairies are there, and going about their daily business.

A little post in the Post Box, or milk and papers on the door mat is really all it takes.

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But, involving your children in the scenes in some small way always helps to form their bond with the Fairies.

Printable messages from the Fairies

how to use your magical deliveries accessory set.

So to help with that the Fairies here have sent you some exclusive printable notes to go with your Magical Deliveries set.

Click the image to reveal these printable messages between the Fairies and their various delivery companies.

Print them onto white A4 card or paper and use them with your Magical Deliveries accessory set to get your little ones really thinking about what is going on outside the Fairy Door.


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Build up for a big finish

As our friendship continues I am certain you will spot that most of our magical adventures begin in the same way - With little hints from the Fairies that something is about to happen!

Your Magical Deliveries accessory set is, more often than not, a huge part of these "build up" scenes. It so easily helps you set the scene for any adventure that involves food and gifting.

Combine with other accessory sets for the perfect recipe for enchantment


And when you combine this accessory set with elements from our other sets, you can weave the type of magic you only ever see in Fairytales.

So, if you have a birthday coming up, or if a seasonal celebration is on the horizon, be sure to have your Magical accessory set to hand. You are definitely going to need it!

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