How to use your Fairy Gardening Set

How to use your Fairy Gardening Set

how to use your fairy gardening set

The Fairy gardening sets are handy little tools for magical adventures in every season. Whether that's planting a magic seed in Spring, watering the flowers in Summer, building a bonfire in Autumn or shovelling the snow in Winter.

You'll find inspiration for each season in the Fairy garden at the bottom of this page. But first let me show you how to use your Fairy Gardening set to begin a year of enchantment...

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Perfect Planning Prevents Pickled Plants

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This adorable little planning scene is the perfect way to embark on a Fairy gardening adventure. And it's super simple to create, using core accessory sets and our Fairy Circle printables.

Sat at her kitchen table, your Fairy friend is busy deciding what she should plant outside the Fairy Door.

Sew the seeds of imagination

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Set your Seed Box on the table, opened out as if she is browsing her catalogue.

Then, add one of the printable exercise books that I gave you in the Fairy Nice School section, and a miniature pencil so that she can scribble down her designs and ideas.

For a final flourish, don't forget to add a little cup of tea (and even some biscuits) to aid her deliberations.

how to use your fairy gardening set

As for the rest of the Fairy gardening set: Prop all the tools against the Fairy Door, along with the wellies and your planter. Just as if your friend has everything prepared to go outside.

You're going to use your Fairy gardening tools for all sorts of fun as the year goes by. But for now they are pristine and ready for action.

Now you're ready to use your Fairy Gardening Set

As with a real garden, there is always something to do in the garden outside your Fairy Door. Which is why we have a whole section devoted to it in the Secret Fairy Circle.

Click the button below to step inside. I recommend you begin with the Magic Seed adventure as it flows so perfectly on from this little scene.

Begin Fairy Gardening

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Before you go! ... Shop this scene and add a little treat from me

Fairy gardening miniatures

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