7 Ways With A Miniature Wheelbarrow

Ahh! The miniature wheelbarrow! ...

buy miniature wheelbarrow

... Who knew that such a tiny tool could be so useful for creating magical adventures?

But, if you were in any doubt, then this short blog will point you in the direction of 5 wonderful ways your wheelbarrow can wow curious little ones.

The Garden Fairy's Friend

It's going to be no surprise at all to hear that your miniature wheelbarrow is invaluable for Fairy Garden tasks.

From clearing a space at the beginning of the year, through planting a magic seed, to picking the beautiful blooms of Spring and Summer.

(Plant a Magic Seed HERE>>)

How to use a miniature wheelbarrow

how to use a mini wheelbarrow

Fairy door ideas

... and more besides

But even when the last flower has faded, this trusty little tool will be on hand to help a Fairy out.

First she might fill it with firewood. Then settle down for some campfire capers, roasting marshmallows and telling tales with Fairy friends.

collecting firewood outside the Fairy Door

A miniature miracle maker for Fairy Nice adventures

Then there are the pumpkins to harvest!

I can't imagine having to carry one of those great old Jack-O-Lanterns home from the patch in little Fairy arms alone, can you?

(Visit the Pumpkin Patch HERE>>)

pumpkin patch outside the Fairy Door

A miniature wheelbarrow is a trusty tool in all weathers

And when winter comes? Well! What a choice!

You can simply shovel it full of snow, or pile it full of presents for an enchanting surprise...

snow outside the fairy door

presents outside the fairy door

What will you do with a miniature wheelbarrow

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