How to use a Fairy Door

When people ask me how to use a Fairy Door, I'm never quite sure where to begin.

So, here's a little video with a snapshot of the magical adventures you can have in a year ...

There really are a million different moments to enjoy with a Fairy Door

And that might seem a little overwhelming. But, trust me when I say, when it comes to Fairy Door fun, the pleasures are plenty, but the pressures are few.

So, before you set off on your magical adventures, let me share with you a few tips for the journey that will make the sailing smooth...

Where do you begin?

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The chances are your Fairy Door has arrived for a special purpose. That might be to celebrate a birthday or Christmas, to help with a growing pain (like giving up a dummy or bedtime troubles), or to mark a magical milestone like loosing a first tooth or moving to a new home.

However, once that special moment has passed, you might be left thinking "what now?" And that is where The Fairy Nice Trading Company likes to step in!

Step inside the Secret Fairy Circle

REVIEW the fairy nice trading company

There is nothing that fills us with more horror, than the idea of forgotten Fairy Doors. So, when we created The Fairy Nice Trading Company, we made sure to include a secret area where we could inspire and assist Fairy Door owners with magical adventures all year round.

From the beginning, we have included access to this member-only area for FREE with each of our beautiful Fairy Doors (also available separately HERE>>). And we will be delighted to welcome you inside too:

We always have a new idea for enchanting little ones

You'll receive the magic password to enter the Secret Fairy Circle in your order confirmation. So, before your Fairy Door has even arrived, you can step inside and begin planning your magical adventures.

NEW for 2022, is a complete Fairy Nice Calendar. It's filled with ideas for how to use a Fairy Door in every month of the year. Sometimes that might include a celebration or festival.

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At other times there might be a seasonal adventure. And sometimes we simply enjoy the pleasures of everyday life in Fairyland.

And we're happy to share FREE printable Fairy letters, certificates, decoration and accessories

For each magical adventure, we love to provide a little visual prompt. Often this is a set of printable Fairy Letters, FREE to download whenever you need them.

printable Fairy lunchbox letters

And sometimes we further compliment the Fairy fun, by providing Fairy Circle members with FREE printable decorations and accessories. (And of course, full instructions on how to easily pop them together!)

So you will never be stuck for how to use a Fairy Door

fairy door movie night

... and before you know it, you'll have made their childhood totally enchanting, and filled their memories with magical moments, without so much as a sparkle of sweat on your worry free brow.

Are you ready to begin your magical adventure?

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