How to make miniature pencils

Watch our little video below to learn how to make miniature pencils to use in adorable Fairy Door adventures ...

Are you ready to make miniature pencils?

Here's a little kit list of what you will need to make the Fairy pencils in our video:

make fairy pencils

Now here are some ideas for magical adventures with your miniature pencils

Miniature fairy pencils

Write a card to a Fairy Friend

You'll find lots of printable little Fairy cards in our Secret Fairy Circle.

Team them with your new pencils for an adorable little scene to encourage showing others we care.

Do some Schoolwork

Team your pencils with our Fairy Nice School printables, which include tiny little exercise books for your Fairy friends.

Use them to celebrate starting or returning to school, or to encourage little ones to do their homework.


activities for kids at home

Draw a picture

Sign up below to download our 60 letters from the Fairy Godmother to inspire magical adventures whilst you are stuck at home.

Pop out your little pencils with some tiny drawings done by the Fairies to encourage works of art.

winter fairy door accessories

Send a wish

Let your friends behind the Fairy Door use their miniature pencils to write a letter to Santa ... or the Easter Bunny ... or the Birthday Fairy ... or to make a wish in their Wishing Well.

Encourage little ones to write down hopes and dreams, and believe that magic is all around them.

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