How to Host the World’s Smallest Coffee Morning

There's only one thing more delightful than getting together with friends for coffee and cakes ... And that's doing it all in miniature! So in this little blog I am going to show you how to host the World's Smallest Coffee morning.

We're doing it all for charity

On 27 September 2019, we're joining millions of friends around the world in supporting MacMillan Cancer Support. But where as they will be trying to hold the World's BIGGEST coffee morning, we will be doing our utmost to keep things tiny.

Join us for the World's Smallest Coffee Morning

We'd love you to get involved. So I want to give you a few top tips for hosting a miniature coffee morning.

Once you've read this blog, you'll have everything you need to join the World's Smallest Coffee morning outside your Fairy Door.

Here are my top tips

cleaning fairy accessories

1.Be prepared

As with all Fairy Door adventures, the magic is in the anticipation. So, remember to work your way up to this wonderful event over the days beforehand.

Begin by thinking about how you might prepare for human friends that are visiting.

 Perhaps you would do a little bit of a spring clean? Pop the vacuum round and mop the floor. Wash the best china and iron the tablecloth. Even flick the duster round.

fairy door baking accessories

Probably you would go shopping or order in some extra food and drinks to cater for the crowd. You might even go the extra mile and do a little baking to show off your domestic goddess-like talents.

Then, simply mimic these preparations outside the Fairy Door. Which is super quick, and ridiculously easy to do with careful use of our Everyday Life accessory sets.

(Don't forget to check inside the Secret Fairy Circle for top tips on how to use these adorable sets!)


worlds smallest coffee morning

2. Donate and decorate

Just because this is the World's Smallest Coffee Morning, doesn't mean it can't be the most beautiful. So be sure to decorate your Fairy Door to let everyone know what the Fairies are up to.

When you make a donation to MacMillan Cancer Support through us, we will send you an exclusive download link for our printable coffee morning decorations.

Including bunting, signage and a letter from the Fairies explaining all about this special event, this printable pack is just what you need to set the scene for a magical adventure.

Donate and decorate HERE

tiny fairy cup for fairy doors

3. The World's Smallest Coffee Morning

Now you can't have a coffee morning without coffee ... or cake, in my humble opinion. But how does one go about catering for the World's smallest guests?

Firstly, let's talk crockery. Fairies are a sophisticated bunch and much prefer to drink their hot beverages from a china cup. So, might I be so bold as to point you in the direction of our "Tea sets and Fairy Food" department?

We have oodles of different tea sets available, any of which would be more that acceptable. But if I have to point out one, for this occasion it would be the NEW "Tea and Biscuits" set.

fairy tea set for fairy doors

Why? Because 10% of all sales of this set during September 19 will be automatically donated to MacMillan Cancer Support.


This set comes with a tin of Fairy Nice biscuits. However, you are quite right in thinking that certainly will not be enough to cater for all our tiny guests. So, let me encourage you to have a read of my blog "6 Magical Ideas For Fairy Food" where you will find oodles of inspiration for scrummy Fairy Food found in your own kitchen cupboards.

fairy nice trading on instagram

4. Not so fast

Using the tips above you are bound to have the most fabulous time. However, hold your horses there Fairy Friend. The fun isn't over when the last guest leaves - You've got a couple more jobs to do!

Firstly, you will want to take a few snaps of your magical adventure. When you do, post them on social media and use the hashtag #fairynicecoffeemorning

If you are on instagram, remember to tag @macmillancancer to help them raise awareness. Also tag @fairynicetrading so that I and all the other Fairy Friends can see the fun you've been having.

worlds smallest coffee morning

Finish with a flourish

Finally, nothing feels as flat as the day after a party. So put off the doldrums by entertaining your little ones with a few cleaning up scenes. Again, this is quick and hassle free if you are using our Everyday Life accessory sets.

Now it's your turn

So, it's over to you now my sweet. Grab yourself a coffee and start planning your part in the World's Smallest Coffee Morning. I can't wait to see you there!

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