How to get on the Nice List

This magical tale is about how to get on the Nice List ... even if you are a little bit Naughty!

Enjoy it snuggled up with your little ones. Then, send them off to their beds full of wonder, and read on for my Fairy Secrets to keeping little ones Nice in the run up to Christmas!

How to get on the Nice List ... a 3 point plan

Fairy stories are all well and good, my sweet. But how exactly do you make sure that little ones get on that Nice List in time for Christmas?

Worry not! I have a plan. Taking inspiration from our little story above, I've developed a 3 point plan to encourage fabulous festive behaviour.

Step 1 : Bring the story to life

The Fairy Nice Trading Company gift box

When a gorgeous gift box, just like the one in the video, appears mysteriously at their home, your little ones will be instantly alert to the possibility of a magical adventure.

Wide eyes will unwrap the sparkling tissue and discover a beautiful Fairy Door. And sitting pretty alongside it, a shiny envelope with their name on will hold a letter explaining how things are.

... And your children will feel as if they've stepped into a Christmas Fairytale

Each of our beautiful Fairy Doors include a personalised letter from the Fairies. It's the beginning of the special bond between your family and their new Fairy friend.

beautiful teal christmas fairy door uk

But for these purposes, be sure to whisper to us (via the personalisation boxes, as you place your order) that this Fairy Door is intended for a candidate for the Nice List.

Include any specific ways they can earn favour, like being kind to sibling or helping around the home. And let us know if the letter should come from a specific Fairy friend, an Elf or even Santa himself.

click to bring the story to life

Step 2 - Make yourself comfortable

how to get on the nice list blog

Now, your Fairy Door is a wonderful thing full of happy enchantment that delights freely all year round. The last thing we want to do, is to for the children to see the Fairies as some kind of Secret Police.

So, be sure the children get to know their new neighbours before you start dishing out reward and punishment.

... And enjoy a magical adventure or two

Step inside the Secret Fairy Circle. (Membership is included FREE with your beautiful Fairy Door). And seek out inspiration and printable Fairy letters that will show that the Fairies are settling in nicely, quite content in their new home.

how to get on the nice list

Click to join the secret Fairy Circle

Step 3 - Read the signs

Once everyone is getting along nicely, it's time to put your Naughty/Nice door signs into action. When all is going well, hang the Nice sign on your Fairy Door knocker.

printable naughty & nice certificates

But, if things start to go south ... You know what to do! Hang that Naughty sign from the Fairy Door, to issue a warning.

... And watch as the good deeds pile up

Included with your kit are also some tiny certificates, that will fit neatly into your Fairy post Box. You'll find a link in your order confirmation. Click it to download them and print them onto white A4 card or paper.

printable naughty & nice certificates

Accompany each sign with a new certificate. And perhaps collect them over the advent period as a little visual reminder of how things are going.

 Too many Naughty certificates in the pile? Uh-oh! Time to turn it around, sweet thing.

Lots of Nice certificates, filling up the Post Box? Now, that's how to get on the Nice List!

naughty and nice christmas fairy doors uk

click to get on the nice list

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