My secret ingredient for celebrating everything

how to celebrate everything with a fairy door

You know, my Fairy friends, your Fairy Door is the most wonderful way to celebrate everything. But beginning such a magical adventure can be a little daunting at the start.

So, shall I share with you my top fairy secret for taking that first step on the road to enchantment?

Step inside the Secret Fairy Circle

My first port of call is always a peek inside the Secret Fairy Circle. It's where we keep all the inspiration for our most enchanting Fairy Door fun!

Whether that is marking a magical milestone such as giving up the Dummy or losing that first tooth.

tooth fairy printable

Or hosting a party for a Birthday, festival or feast day.

birthday fairy door accessories

Or even congratulating a little one on a special achievement like starting school or sleeping in their own bed.

fairy school timetable

Our Secret Fairy Circle has all I need to celebrate everything

Visitors will find step-by-step guides for creating Fairy Door scenes that draw gasps of wonder from little rosebud lips.

There are how-to's for beginning, top tips for embellishing, and must-do's for bringing everything to a neat conclusion.

It even has a magical movie library

fairy door movie night

Our Fairy Nice videos range from clever documentaries detailing how to cast the perfect Fairy Door spell, to enchanting tales designed to keep little ones quiet when you need 5 minutes to prepare for your adventure.

Plus you'll find printable Fairy letters here for absolutely every possible occasion!

fairy door christmas tree

For most of our magical adventures, our Secret Fairy Circle houses a set of printable Fairy letters, ready-written and just the right size for your Fairy Post Box.

And wherever we can, we have added other printable goodies too! From Fairy Door decorations, to miniature bags, books and boxes.

Free Fairy Circle membership is included with every single beautiful Fairy Door

... Because we know how important it is to celebrate everything as your little one flutters through their childhood in a flash, we include a lifetime of access to this magical area for FREE with every one of our beautiful Fairy Doors.

And if you pop your details in the box below, the we'll also send you the magic code for a free accessory set with your first order ...

Fairy Doors UK

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