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Hello Fairy Friends!

My name is Caroline, and I am the Head Fairy Godmother at The Fairy Nice Trading Company.

This is the story of why I created my first ever Fairy Door, and the magical adventure I found myself on shortly thereafter ...

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Since childhood I have always been fascinated by tales of magical things

So when I first came across the concept of Fairy Doors I was instantly intrigued.

The idea of a tiny little door on the wall through which Fairies could secretly come and go to visit the family was enchanting. Soon, my mind raced with ideas for all the ways I could delight my little girl with visits from various magical friends.

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So, I created that first Fairy Door simply to enchant just one little girl

Our Fairy Door eventually took up residence in our family room. (Because being downstairs meant that the Fairies could visit at anytime, without disturbing sleeping children).

And I soon noticed that my family's first thought when any of them entered the room, was to glance across to see if anything had changed outside our Fairy Door.

If it had, we could be sure of excited squeals and a thousand questions or theories about what could possibly be going on in Fairyland.

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Little imaginations were alight and glittering eyes were wide and bright with love and laughter

But as the Fairy Door became an increasingly integral part of our life I discovered that it was so much more that a pretty little curiosity on the shelf. It was a true gift, for all the family!

You see, the children weren't the only ones who delighted in the activity outside our Fairy Door. I got a certain little thrill myself, that could only be described as “magic”! All from creating little scenes of Fairy life, or writing funny little notes from Fairy Friends.

In part it was the fun of it all. So different from most of my "grown-up" life. Being allowed to let my imagination play and putting myself right back inside a child’s tiny shoes for a while. But it was something more than that too.

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The Fairy Door created a special and secret connection between my children and I

This has becoming increasingly precious to me as they get older and spend more time away from me and the home.

Not to mention, it has been invaluable as a vehicle for discussing worries and behaviour issues discreetly, from a place of kindness, and with great sensitivity.

  Most of all though, I have never got tired of seeing glittering eyes and sparkling smiles when one of my girls (or even a grown up visitor!) spots that the Fairies have paid a visit through our Fairy Door.

Magical visitors through the Fairy Door

But I knew I couldn’t keep the joy of magical adventures with a Fairy Door for myself

I had a duty to share this delight with as many families as possible. And they were already queuing up to join in with the Fairy fun!

First, my eldest daughter put in a request for her own special door for the Fairies. Then my Mum asked me to create one for Nanny Fairy, for when the grandchildren came to visit.

Next, my sister asked for one for her twin girls, and then friends started asking for their children. It seemed that there were many mothers out there actively looking for a way to add a little bit of magic to their little one's childhood.

So that is when I created The Fairy Nice Trading Company

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Now I am blessed to have so many lovely customers, spread across so much of our beautiful world.

And even though my daughters are growing up,  I find myself lucky enough to be included in the Fairy tales of the other families that host our beautiful Fairy Doors.

Many instantly feel the same joy as I did when they install their very own Fairy Door. The delight, the excited giggles, the sheer thrill of secret Fairy Door scene creating.

But for some, a Fairy Door from The Fairy Nice Trading Company means so much more

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From the beginning, we have always made letters from the Fairies a core part of our magical adventures. Just as with the first Fairy Door for my daughter, we include a personalised letter with each and every Fairy Door we send out.

And it is when composing these letters that I get a glimpse into what a Fairy Door from The Fairy Nice Trading Company brings to a family.

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In most cases, our letters are to congratulate, to entertain, or to let someone know that they are loved; Sometimes we are asked to write letters that deal with those tiny little issues, such as helping to explain a life change, allaying the little anxieties that can seem so terrifying when we are small, or pointing out the odd unwanted behaviour;

And in some cases, we have written letters as a new approach to much bigger issues such as night terrors and terminal illness.

But whatever the reason you invite our Fairies into your home, The Fairy Nice Trading Company is honoured to be part of your magical adventure

I can honestly say that discovering the joy of a Fairy Door was a truly enchanting moment in my life, and has given my daughters magical childhood memories that they will treasure forever.

And I sincerely hope that The Fairy Nice Trading Company can bring that joy to your family too.

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