How does the Easter Bunny get in to your house?

Children are full of questions. Often these are very difficult to answer because they are the sort of question that, if you say the wrong thing, could ruin a magical childhood. For example, “how does Santa deliver all the presents in one night?” Or “who sent me that Valentine’s day card?” And my particular favourite at this time of year, “how does the Easter Bunny get in to our house?”

How does the easter bunny get in to your house

Well, at The Fairy Nice Trading Company, explaining the seemingly impossible to curious little humans is all in a day’s work. So in this little blog let me help you with that last conundrum. I am going to provide my magical explanation for how the Easter Bunny gets in to your home to deliver his delicious gifts.

Let’s get started …

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“Will the Easter Bunny be here soon?”

Perhaps it’s the  fresh spring air and the scent of early blooming flowers. Tiny natural miracles seem to happen before my very eyes on a daily basis. Sometimes they make me gasp with surprise. Sometimes they make me smile with acknowledgement that all is changing as it should be. And sadly, sometimes they pass almost without me noticing.

But to my little ones, who’s curious eyes still see the magic in every single day, spring time is the most enchanting of times. It brings with it the promise of a visit from a dear old friend. When those first golden daffodils begin to sway their heads in the light spring breeze, they start to ask the question,“will the Easter Bunny be here soon?”

How does the Easter Bunny get in to your house?

Now there has always been some confusion around how the Easter Bunny delivers his Easter gifts. Not least when the weather is bad and the gifts make their way inside the house. You will no doubt have found, dear friend that you can plausibly explain the Easter Bunny’s invisibility by his hiding in bushes and behind pot plants when he leaves offerings in the garden. But, how on earth does a rabbit, large enough to bear a basket of gifts without effort, get into the house?

The magical mystery is solved

It was not until the first year that we had installed our beautiful Fairy Door that the mystery of how did the Easter Bunny get in our house got solved. In the week before Easter, our Friends behind the Fairy Door wrote a polite note to the children. They explained that they were very good friends with a magical Rabbit. This magical Rabbit planned to visit them and had particularly requested permission to pay his respects to the family. Would the children mind if the Easter Bunny hopped through the Fairy Door on Easter morning? He had assured the Fairies that he had a truly enchanting Easter gift for his kind hosts.

Now, what do you suppose my girls replied to the Fairies’ request?

Of course the reply had to be “Yes!” We all eagerly looked forward to the Easter Bunny’s visit.

A truly enchanting sight met their eyes

When my little ones emerged from their bedrooms bright and early on Easter morning, they were greeted with a truly enchanting scene of Fairy fun. Yes, the Easter Bunny had been.  Being a polite guest he had left them a short note of thanks for having him by the Fairy Door. He had also left a little something for the girls to remember him by … and the Fairies (funny little creatures that they are!) had done something curious with it.

non chocolate easter gift

Clearly Fairies are quite in the dark about the purpose of an Easter Egg. They had mistaken the Eggs for some sort of flower bulb and had planted them in a neat little row in front of the Fairy Door. Goodness me! What a bunch of giddy Pixies.

But this is just the beginning of your magical adventure

As you can see dear heart, when you purchase your beautiful Fairy Door you are only just beginning a magical adventure. With a little imagination, a carefully placed accessory set and a little help from me and my Fairies, you are well on your way to delighting curious young minds with enchanting moments, over and over again.

And yes, I did say “with all the help from me and my Fairies that you need”. You didn’t think I would leave you to work it all out alone, did you? Of course not! Whenever you purchase a beautiful Fairy Door from The Fairy Nice Trading Company I automatically welcome you into our secret Fairy Circle.

Our secret Fairy Circle will help you create a truly enchanting childhood for your little ones

Inside our secret Fairy Circle you’ll find a Fairy Library of inspiration and help sheets to assist you in creating beautiful Fairy Door scenes and really convincing evidence of Fairy life. You will have access to all of our printable Fairy Letters. We have oodles of them ready-written to cover key occasions and to compliment our suggested Fairy Door scenes.

Membership of the secret Fairy Circle is included with any of our beautiful Fairy Doors. Or you can purchase lifetime access without a Fairy Door HERE.

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  1. Estelle 12th March 2018 at 7:11 pm #

    Great read, fascinating to find out how the Easter Bunny is able to visit 🐇xx

    • Caroline Dobson 13th March 2018 at 9:16 am #

      Thank you so much for your comment Estelle. We love that the Fairies let all sorts of magical folk through their Fairy Door. Not Goblins though. They just make a mess in your house!!


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