How does the Easter Bunny get in to your house?

Children are full of questions...

And this little conundrum has been tripping parents up since chocolate eggs were first invented! So, enjoy my little video "How does the Easter Bunny get in to your house?", then read on to find out how I solved this particular magical mystery (and grab a FREE GIFT, to boot!)

Let's tread very carefully, my sweet!

As they romp through their early years with cute curiosity, there are going to be questions your little ones will ask that are particularly difficult to answer.

No! I'm not talking the simple things Rocket Scientists are made of. I'm talking about the sort of trick questions that, answered incorrectly, will ruin a magical childhood.

How did the Easter Bunny get in the house?

And, right up there with "How does Santa deliver all the presents in one night?", and "Why hasn't the Tooth Fairy collected my tooth?" is...

"How does the Easter Bunny get into our house?"

Lucky for you though, at The Fairy Nice Trading Company, explaining the seemingly impossible to the smallest of humans is all in a day's work.

So let me share with you my own explanation for how the Easter Bunny gets in to our home to deliver his delicious gifts. what is a fairy door for?

It starts with a very personal story

My youngest daughter had just turned four. My eldest was nine. And I don't know how I'd got away with it, but we had been blessed with fine Spring Easter Sunday's every year until then.

Easter Bunny visits were a cinch! When delivering to the garden, I could explain away a magical egg delivery with no trouble.

But, that year the weather was bad. Everyone was going to be stuck inside, eyes wide open. Leaving little room for the traditional delicious egg drop.

I was on the verge of a parenting disaster!

a fairy door arrives for easter

As chance would have it, the month before we had installed our first beautiful Fairy Door. It occurred to me that, if Fairies could pass in and out of the house unseen through this magical portal, then there was no reason an enchanted Bunny couldn't.

Our Fairy friends could save the day

So, the week before Easter, our friends behind the Fairy Door wrote a polite note to the children. They explained that they were very good friends with a certain magical Rabbit.

How does the easter bunny deliver his eggs?

This magical Rabbit planned to visit them and had particularly requested permission to pay his respects to the family. He had assured the Fairies that he had a truly enchanting Easter gift for his kind hosts.

Would the children mind if the Easter Bunny hopped through the Fairy Door on Easter morning?

From that year on, every Easter Sunday when my girls go hunting for Easter eggs, they make for the Fairy Door first.

Each time they find that the Easter Bunny has been, leaving a short note of thanks for having him by the Fairy Door. And he always gifts a little something for the girls to remember him by.

how the easter bunny delivers his eggs

Although, one year the Fairies (funny little creatures that they are!) had quite mistaken the chocolate eggs for some sort of flower bulb and had planted them in pots outside the Fairy Door.

You see? When you introduce a beautiful Fairy Door into your home, you are inviting in so many more magical adventures than your Fairy friends alone can provide through it.

The Easter Bunny could just be the start of something truly enchanting

who will visit through a fairy door

In fact, there's a whole calendar of Fair Folk visitors that could delight curious minds with enchanting moments outside the Fairy Door ... over and over again ... throughout their childhood! You can read about them all HERE>>

But for now, lets begin by giving the Easter Bunny magical way to get into your home to deliver those treats.

Pop your details in the box below and I'll send you the magic code for a FREE accessory set to go with your first Fairy Door

and let's get started on a magical adventure ...

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3 Responses to How does the Easter Bunny get in to your house?

  1. Estelle 12th March 2018 at 7:11 pm #

    Great read, fascinating to find out how the Easter Bunny is able to visit 🐇xx

    • Caroline Dobson 13th March 2018 at 9:16 am #

      Thank you so much for your comment Estelle. We love that the Fairies let all sorts of magical folk through their Fairy Door. Not Goblins though. They just make a mess in your house!!


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