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It may be the most magical time of the year, but for some little ones the traditional Halloween tricks and treats can be a little scary. However, your Fairy friends would never want you to be afraid. Instead, in this blog post they are going to show you how you can have a hoot with your Halloween Fairy Door. They have even included some FREE printable Fairy letters and an enchanting story to set the scene.

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halloween fairy door uk

Fairy Doors UK

Are you ready for some Halloween Fairy Door fun?

Are you ready for some Halloween Fairy Door fun?

Every year I like to have a little Halloween Fairy Door fun with my daughters. I've always found the tradition of Trick or Treating in real life slightly unnerves them. (Perhaps it's going out into the dark and the cold, or the seeing bigger kids and adults dressed in scary masks.) So basing our celebrations around the Fairy Door, within the warmth, light and safety of our own home, seems to be a magical solution.

And of course, like any good tradition, our Halloween Fairy Door fun always follows a similar format. I'm going to share that here with you today. Then I'm going to gift you a few little downloadable things (usually only available to my Secret Fairy Circle members) to help you join in this magical adventure too.

Come and meet the Naughty Goblin

Come and meet the Naughty Goblin

Towards the end of October, my girls start to look out for a special visitor through the Fairy Door. Unlike many of their other Fairy Friends, this little chap is not all sweetness and light. Instead, he is rather prone to mischief. In fact, you are never really sure what he is going to get up to. His name is "The Naughty Goblin".

halloween fairy door ideas

He’s not all bad

Don't worry! He's not all bad

Well, we call him The Naughty Goblin, but really he's not a meany pants. I would say that he is more of a prankster than a troublemaker. He loves to play tricks outside the Halloween Fairy Door. But he also loves to leave treats for the children, too.

Here's how we first met

When The Naughty Goblin first arrived in our home, he came with a little story. I made this into a magical eBook, which I am going to share with you here. Simply click the book below and it will appear on your screen, as if by magic ...


how to use a fairy door at halloween


Usually, I only share my magical eBooks for FREE with my Secret Fairy Circle members.

In the Secret Fairy Circle we have a whole Fairy Nice Library, where all the eBooks in our shop, plus many more besides, are available to members whenever they like, as often as they like. There is also a growing section of enchanting movies to watch. We hope they help Fairy Godmothers just like you, create magical moments for their little ones.

You are automatically invited to join our Fairy Circle when you purchase any beautiful Fairy Door. Or, you can buy lifetime membership in our Fairy Nice Shop, HERE.

Share the fun

Read the magical eBook, then have some Halloween Fairy Door fun of your own

My young daughters were simultaneously appalled and delighted by the Naughty Goblin's behaviour in our story - as I am sure yours will be too. I could see in their glittering eyes that they were secretly keen for him to pay them a visit.

Well! Who am I to disappoint small children?

For the week leading up to Halloween, the Naughty Goblin paid them nightly visits. Each day he would leave a trick or a treat outside the Halloween Fairy Door.

Let me show you how

In this second eBook I have given you some step-by-step instructions as to how to stage your own trick or treating at the Fairy Door. Simply click the image to download it.

You won't need anything fancy for this simple Halloween Fairy Door fun. Objects from around the home and garden will suffice. Like many of the magical adventures we enjoy in our Secret Fairy Circle, it's all about anticipation and imagination.

Don't forget your FREE printable Fairy Letters

There's one last thing I must share with you before I leave you to your Halloween Fairy Door fun.


halloween fairy door ideas

Don’t forget your FREE printable Fairy Letters

In fact, it is the most important part of our games with the Naughty Goblin, or indeed any of Fairy Circle magical adventures.

You must remember to HAVE FUN.


printable fairy letters for halloween

It's simply no good to feel pressured to think up new Fairy Door scenes everyday. It's not right to feel you've failed because you ran out of time to make a little Fairy magic.

That's why we do everything we can to support our Fairy Circle members by making Fairy Door fun as easy and simple as possible. From giving monthly exclusive offers on adorable accessories that make creating magical adventures super quick and easy. To gifting oodles of FREE printable Fairy letters so that your Fairy friends are never without something to say.

And to help make this particular adventure a treat and not a trick, here are a few of those Fairy Letters FREE for you too. Click the image to find Halloween themed notes from the Fairies ... and a few little jokes too!

Learn more about the Fairy Circle

Interested to find out more about our Secret Fairy Circle?

I'd love to tell you a little more about the magical adventures we have inside our Secret Fairy Circle. If you'd like to learn all about it (and grab a few more little gifts and offers) simply pop your details in the box below. Then, look out for our Fairy Post in your inbox.

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