Collaborations and Guest blogging with The Fairy Nice Trading Company

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Collaborations and Guest blogging with The Fairy Nice Trading Company

The Fairies at The Fairy Nice Trading Company are such a friendly bunch. They love nothing better than sharing centre stage with like minded chums. So you can often find us joining together with bloggers and independent small businesses to celebrate all things Fairy Nice.

Spreading the magic – collaboration

Spreading magic with Fairy Friends

We've collaborated with some enchanting independent makers and small business to gift beautiful items to families around the globe. Take a peek at some of the Fairy Friends we have joined with ...

The Fairy Maker: Feature blog & discounts

The Fairy Nice Trading Company & The Fairy Maker

We wrote a feature blog starring these beautiful sleeping Fairies & each offered customers an exclusive discount.

Michelle Corbin Design: Feature blog & discounts

Tooth Fairy Pillow by Michelle Corbin

We recommended Michelle's personalised Tooth Fairy cushions in our blog & social media. We each offered our customers exclusive discounts.

Princess and the Frock: Facebook giveaway

Princess and the frock fairy door

When they launched their new Fairy dress, we gifted the Princess and the Frock Facebook giveaway winner a beautiful Fairy Door.


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The Fairy Nice Trading Company has featured in… blogs

The Fairy Nice Trading Company has featured in some magical places!

The Fairy Nice Trading Company has also been written about by some truly enchanting Mummy bloggers ...





Busy Mum of Girls

Busy mum of girls blog


Beautiful Bundle of Chaos

Fairy Door review Beautiful Bundle of Chaos


Once Upon a Time … Susan K Mann

The Fairy Nice Trading Company Susan K Mann


Oh So Amelia

Oh so amelia blog fairy door review


Loving Life with Little Ones

loving life with little ones fairy door review


Beauty Bits n’ Blogs

Beauty bits and blog fairy door review


Customer video of the purple bunting Fairy Door, Jenny Edspire


Join us

Would you like to become our Fairy Friend too?

We love hearing from other businesses, parent bloggers and social media influencers who want to share our magical message. So if you would like to work with us too please do drop us an email at

[email protected]


Fairy Doors UK

Guest blogging

Guest Blogging for The Fairy Nice Trading Company

Have you got some magical ideas of your own for fabulous Fairy Door fun? Perhaps you have used our Fairy Doors to inspire and delight little ones in a play setting or classroom. Do you run a Fairy themed business or craft Fairy themed items that might compliment our products?

We love to hear from other inspiring people that would like to join us on our magical adventures. If you would like to write us a guest blog for this website please do get in touch.

Email Caroline at [email protected]

Ready to write? Let's get started ...

First off, please do have a read of some of our own blog posts HERE to get a feel for our audience. Then, send me an email outlining your ideas and with bit of detail about why you would be a enchanting guest blogger for The Fairy Nice Trading Company.

Your guest blog needs to be something truly magical that will delight my readers. Make sure that you include a short bio of yourself that we can use, and any links to your own website or social media accounts that you would like included at the end too.

This guest blog has to get past the scrupulous Blog Fairies in our media office before it's published my sweet, so make sure it is water tight. It must be all your own work with good, inspiring content and true information. We will take a good look at your proposal and get back to you as soon as possible.

If your guest blog gets published

If your guest blog is going to published on our site we will let you know as soon as possible. We will spread the good news throughout our social media channels and in our subscriber emails. It would be great if you could do the same at your end too! Include a link to your blog on our website, of course. Please check your guest blog regularly and respond to any Fairy Friends that might have left you a comment.

We don't mind if you want to use your post on your own website too. However, we ask that you do not do so within 3 months of it being published at The Fairy Nice Trading Company. We also ask that you include a link to our website when you do, to say this is where it was first available.


Fairy Door brand ambassador

want ME to write for YOU

What? You want ME to write for YOU?

Why of course I will sweet thing! If you have a blog or a magazine (online or in print) that is a good fit with our customer base then I would be more than happy to consider writing a special guest blog for you.

Flutter me over a little email with what you are looking for and where you would like to feature my work, and I will respond as soon as I can.

Email Caroline at [email protected]

If you are hoping to feature The Fairy Nice Trading Company and our beautiful Fairy Doors in the Press, take a peek at our press page too!

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