Frequently asked questions about our Fairy Doors

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On this little page you should find all the answers you need to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Fairy Doors.

But, if you can’t see what you’re looking for, please do get in touch HERE>>

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What’s included with my beautiful Fairy Door?

With each of our beautiful Fairy Doors we include a personalised letter from the Fairies, a tiny door key, a gorgeous gift box, and one year of membership of our Secret Fairy Circle.

How personalised is the Fairy letter?

We use a rough template letter as a basis to make sure we include all the necessary details.

We ask you to provide us with a few pieces of key information when you order your Fairy Door and we will do our best to incorporate whatever you mention in your personalised Fairy Letter.

Can the letter be from a specific Fairy or someone other than the Fairies?

Yes of course! If your little one already has a Fairy friend, just let us know in the personalisation box and we can address the letter from her.

We can also adapt the letter to be from any other magical person that might use the door. For example, your Christmas Elf, Santa, the Easter Bunny, a lucky Leprechaun or even a specific Fairy like the Tooth Fairy, Dummy Fairy or Sleep Fairy.

What is the Secret Fairy Circle?

The Secret Fairy Circle is our member-only area, where you will find all our printable Fairy letters, certificates, decorations and accessories.

This is also where we provide as much inspiration and advice as we can for you, to help you create your magical adventures.

How to I access the Secret Fairy Circle?

You will be sent a QR code in your order confirmation to register for Secret Fairy Circle access. All you’ll need to provide on registration is your name and email address and your order number. This is so that we can be sure we are only letting in our lovely customers and not nasty spam-bots or meanies.

How long is my membership of the Secret Fairy Circle?

You have one year of access to the Secret Fairy Circle, whether you purchase it separately or are gifted it for free with your Fairy Door.

After your year you will have an opportunity to extend your stay with us. You may even be invited to be a Fairy Godmother if you have been an excellent Fairy friend.

What size is the Fairy Door?

Our Fairy Doors are larger than most you’ll see. They are approximately 22cm high and 12.5cm wide.

Is the Fairy Door a toy?

No. Our Fairy Doors are intended for decorative purposes only and are not toys. We recommend adult supervision when displaying them near to young children due to small and delicate parts.

Do you sell the display House Boxes I see in your pictures?

Yes we do! You can find them HERE>>

How do I attach my Fairy Door to the wall or house box?

Honestly, we recommend you just use sticky tac (we call it “Blu Tac” in the UK).

This is because we find it holds the door fast, but also enables you to remove, change or move the door if you want to.

Do your Fairy Doors open?

Oh no! Our Fairy Doors do not open for humans. Only magical folk can pass through the by using the little key that you find in your box.

Do you create bespoke Fairy Doors?

No, I’m afraid not.

How do I get a free gift with my first order?

We’d love to add a free gift to your first order. If you click HERE we will take you to the page where you can sign up. Then we will send a magic code for your gift to your inbox.

How much is delivery?

Our UK delivery is a flat rate of £4.95. Free UK delivery is available on orders over £50 if you select the option at the checkout.

Do you deliver overseas?

We proudly ship worldwide! And we have many happy customers in the USA and Australia in particular.

To learn more about our delivery service please click HERE>>

What about returns and refunds?

Obviously we take the utmost care in creating and packaging a beautiful product that we are certain you will love. However, once in a very long while, something is amiss.

Read our full returns policy for more information HERE.


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