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 Enchant your little ones every day in the run up to Christmas with exclusive offers PLUS our 24 free Christmas Fairy printable letters

Bless my wings! The Christmas Fairy really HAS got a treat for you this Christmas, my sweet. Simply sign up below and she will send you exclusive offers on your Christmas Fairy Nice orders. Not only that, but she is determined to help you make this Christmas truly magical for your little ones. So she will also send you 24 Christmas Fairy printable letters.

free printable Christmas Fairy letters

These printable Christmas Fairy letters will fit perfectly in your new magic Fairy Post Box. They are written by the Christmas Fairy herself for you to use each day during December up to 24 December. Each one inspires an enchanting Fairy Door or Elf Door scene that can be easily created using household items or our wonderful Magical Accessory sets.

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31 FREE printable Fairy Letters for Christmas!

Enchant your little ones with our delightful printable Christmas Fairy Letters. Simply pop your details below and we will email them to you.

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Just follow these simple steps and you are sure to have a Fairy Nice Christmas

Now that we are all terribly excited about the fun that we will have over Christmas, where should you begin?

Remember that a Fairy Friend is a kind and watchful soul. Whilst your chum loves to have fun over the Christmas period, they also want to be absolutely certain that your little one will be on that Nice List come December 24th. Indeed, your Magical Pal can be a very powerful ally when you find yourself dealing with high jinx from over excited little ones as the big day approaches!

Step one: Make sure that you have installed a beautiful Fairy Door or Magic Elf Door

Christmas Fairy Door

We know full well what an expensive time of year this can be. Therefore, when you sign up for your printable Christmas Fairy letters we will send you some exclusive offers on our Fairy Doors and Fairy Door accessories.

Step two: Download our 24 FREE Christmas Fairy printable letters and cut them out ready for some Fairy Fun

We recommend that you print out your Christmas Fairy letters on white A4 sized card. Preferably, take a little time to have a read through them before the fun begins. Then you can make sure that your magical armoury is well stocked and you are ready to create some magic.

The Christmas Fairy letters do not follow a set order or timetable. There are naughty and nice notes for you to use as you feel appropriate. But certainly, if you have had an read in advance you can plan your scenes to flow nicely into one another.

Step three: Stock up on Magical Accessory sets and household bits and bobs to create your enchanting scenes

Each Fairy Letter lends itself toward a particular scene outside the Fairy Door. Many of these can be created with items found around the home and garden. But sometimes you might find it much easier to use our ready-made Fairy Door accessory sets. Remember, enchanting your little one with a beautiful Fairy Door should be as much fun for you as it is for them. There are no prizes for fretting over late night crafting at The Fairy Nice Trading Company. Be kind to yourself, my sweet.

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Step four: Follow us on social media during December for help with some Fairy magic

In the run up to Christmas Eve we will be demonstrating the magical Fairy Door scenes that might accompany our printable Christmas Fairy letters on social media. Come and join us for a little inspiration. We usually start toward the end of November so that you can get a head start on the Fairy Magic.

and last but not least remember the most important thing …

Let yourself BELIEVE in the magic.

Let your imagination take centre stage and HAVE FUN!!

Now share this page with all your friends and family so that they can join in the fun too!

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