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It's time for a bedtime story

free bedtime story online fairies

What a treat! I have another free bedtime story for you to share with your little ones!

What do you think they are up to in Fairyland this week?

Let's visit the Fairy Godmother for another magical adventure

When the Fairy Godmother finds herself teacher for a week, she has just the spell to make the timetable enchanting...

Watch or listen to our story below:

Fairy Doors UK

Did you spot the Fairy Secret inside our free bedtime story?

As with all our online stories for children, there is a Fairy secret hidden inside "A Fairy Nice Homeschool", my sweet.

You see, the story is actually a timetable for your very own bit of Fairy Fun.

fairy school timetable

We've gifted you the homeschool printables in our Secret Fairy Circle

You can delight your little ones each morning by recreating the Fairy Homeschool timetable in your own home.

To help you, we've put all the signs, the timetable and miniature books in our Secret Fairy Circle for you to download and print out.

help with unexpected homeschooling

Add our 60 FREE printable Fairy Letters to get your children joining in with the Fairy Fun

If you pop your details in the box below, my lovely, I'll send you 60 little notes from the Fairy Godmother. Each has a fun, home-based activity for your child to enjoy.

Even if you don't have a Fairy Door just yet, you can use them to inspire a magical adventure during homeschool time or if you're stuck at home.

Our adorable accessory sets will help you set the scene - and we're giving you one for free!

Our adorable little Fairy accessories will help you recreate our free bedtime story perfectly!

When you sign up above, we'll even send you a magic code for a FREE accessory set with your first order.

making homeschooling fun


Nothing beats the look on a little one's face, when they watch a Fairytale unfold before their glittering eyes

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you the pure joy it is to see your child totally enchanted by a story.

So just imagine their delight then, when they realise that they are watching a Fairytale unfold in their own home.

pink fairy door personalised

Sign up today and step inside your own beautiful story

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