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It may be only September, but at The Fairy Nice Trading Company we are already getting excited for the festive season. The Fairies have all sorts of magical adventures planned. But they need some humans to help them enchant the little ones. In this blog I am going to share with you how YOU can become a Christmas Brand Ambassador for us. You’ll receive some magical FREE GIFTS. Then you can join the Fairy fun too!

Christmas fairy door uk

Fairy Doors UK

We’re looking for a Fairy Nice Christmas Brand Ambassador

Recently, I visited my daughter’s primary school to do a little talk about running an online business. One of the questions that the children asked me was,

“what is the best thing about your job?”

Honestly, I had no hesitation in saying. The absolute, 100% best part of owning a beautiful Fairy Door company is creating magical adventures with the Fairy Doors.

You see, for me there is a pure joy in setting out my Fairy Door scenes, and writing my Fairy letters, that I don’t quite find anywhere else. It’s a special little secret that I have, that warms me up from the inside and makes me smile quite involuntarily. It’s like when you are planning a surprise for your little one – a birthday party, or a Christmas gift – that you know will be just perfect. You can imagine the light in their eyes as they see it for the first time. You can hear their squeal of delight or their gasp of wonder. As you plan, and wrap, and write, you put all of your love into your secret. In your heart, you are sure how much joy you will bring with this surprise.

Could it be you?

I wonder if this strikes a magical chord with you my sweet? If it does, then bless me! I’m certain you would be just the sort of Fairy friend I am looking for to join my Christmas Brand Ambassador team.

I need a small group of families that share my passion for making childhood enchanting, to help me demonstrate to others just how much fun can be had with a beautiful Fairy Door in your home. Throughout November and December we will create magical adventures that will delight our own children, and inspire those watching us.

Each Christmas Brand Ambassador will receive a beautiful Fairy Door for FREE

To each carefully selected Christmas Brand Ambassador, I would like to send a wonderful gift (dispatched from the beginning of November onwards):

christmas brand ambassador prize

Here’s what we would like you to do in return

But what must I do to in return for this fabulous gift, I hear you ask? Well my lovely, it’s really not much at all! I simply ask that you have oodles of magical adventures with the Christmas Fairy Door that I send you. Then, share them with me and my Fairy followers on Instagram.

Essentially it comes down to just 3 little things:

You should be happy to post about your Fairy fun at least once a week throughout November and December, on your main instagram feed, tagging @fairynicetrading in each post. If you would like to share within your stories, that would be wonderful too.

Your images should be of a high quality but in your own style, and designed to attract as much engagement from your own followers as possible. I would hope to see your little one appear in the majority of them. However, it’s not always necessary to show your child’s face. A tiny hand, a photo over their shoulder or from the side is always very charming.

As we will be working as a team, I will like, comment on and share your posts as much as possible. However, I would expect for you to do the same with mine and to be fully engaged with the Brand Ambassador team throughout the season.

Christmas brand ambassador search uk

To apply, simply register your interest below

Now you will be pleased to hear that there is no daunting magic quest to apply to be a Fairy Nice Christmas Brand Ambassador. Begin with registering your interest by signing up in the box below. We will start emailing you straight away, to get to learn a little more about you and to guide you through the application process. We will contact all applicants at the beginning of November to announce who was successful, and to let you know when to expect your magical parcel of Fairy Nice goodies!

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Register your interest in becoming a Fairy Nice Brand Ambassador
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When you register your interest you will also start to receive our regular enchanting newsletter full of Fairy fun and exclusive offers that we only share on email.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. I just can’t wait to meet you!

Fairy Doors UK


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