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Choosing a Fairy name is a hurdle that many of our Fairy Nice customers stumble at. But it really doesn’t need to cause you any worry at all, my sweet. Because, as always The Fairy Nice Trading Company is here to help. Firstly, you should know that when you order your beautiful Fairy Door you do not need to already have a Fairy name in mind. Unless you tell us otherwise, our chief officer in our Fairy Door Despatch Unit will sign your little one’s personalised Fairy Letter.

However, if you do want your Fairy Door to arrive with a special character all set up, this blog is for you. I am going to share with you my top tips for choosing the perfect name for your new Fairy visitor. And, if you find yourself still struggling after that, I also have a fun and free Fairy Name Game for you to play.

Let’s get started!

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Spotting the fun outside the Fairy Door

I bet you can picture the scene, my sweet …

The beautiful Fairy Door that you carefully chose for your little one is on it’s way to your home. You have chosen the perfect spot on the wall for it. And you are giddy with excitement as you imagine her two glittering, wide eyes brimful with wonder, patiently watching and waiting for signs that someone small and magical has moved in.

It’s time for the real Fairy fun to begin. But all of sudden this seems a little overwhelming. How on earth are you going to bring the magic through that beautiful Fairy Door. I mean, you haven’t even thought of a name for your Fairy visitor yet!

But you could never guess your Fairy Friend’s real name

The name that a Fairy goes by in Fairyland is unpronounceable to humankind. It is therefore very common for a Fairy to adopt a human-style name to be known by in this world.

There is a good chance that your little one will already have learnt this name, dear one. With their open hearts, children always find it much easier to see Fairies than we grown ups do. It is quite possible that the Fairy Friend that has come to stay has visited before and may even have introduced themselves already. Listen carefully to your little one and look out for notes or pictures drawn for their new Fairy Friend. They may give you a valuable clue.

You may need to choose your Fairy name yourself

However, if this is the first time your Fairy has visited you may need to help choose a Fairy name yourself. But don’t let this worry you at all. I have a sweet little game right here to assist you.

Find your Fairy Name game

Be careful! “What others call you, you become. It’s a terrible magic that everyone can do
— so do it. Call yourself what you wish to become”

Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two

Fairies set enormous store by the names that they adopt. There is a strong belief in Fairyland that the name you are given has a great influence over your character. Selecting a Fairy name must be done with the utmost care, my dear.

Think over, what sort of Fairy lives behind your beautiful Fairy Door. You will notice that in the product description of each of our beautiful Fairy Doors we give you a little suggestion. But it is entirely up to you whether you follow our lead or whether you flutter down your own path, sweet thing.

Just like the colour and the design of your Fairy Door, the Fairy name that you give your Fairy Friend should correspond to the sort of personality that they will have

This personality will then shine through in the letters that your Fairy will write in reply to your little one. It will also give a clue to the sorts of scenes that you will find outside your Fairy Door of a morning – little indications of the life that your Fairy is leading behind the door in Fairyland.

Let me give you some examples to illustrate what I mean, using names from our game above.

Doriana Frostnip is a prim and proper Fairy with good old fashioned values

What to do with a Fairy door in winter

She is exceptionally keen on good behaviour in her human neighbours, and never fails to be thrilled by a shining school report. However, Doriana is not so thrilled by poor table manners or untidy bedrooms. Neither would she be afraid to point out in a stiff letter when she is less than impressed.

Doriana, I suspect, would choose a Fairy Door in blue. Her favourite Magical Accessory sets would likely be the Fairy Nice and Clean set and the Tooth Fairy Certificate as she does so like things orderly. I think she would make frequent use of our printable Fairy Nice Certificate of Excellence in the Fairy Circle. I imagine also that she would have a plentiful stock of gold stars or chocolate coins to hand out for good deeds done.

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Gardinia Sunbeam is a true nature angel

Choosing your Fairy NameA warm, encouraging soul, she enjoys gardens and all things that live in them. Gardinia loves to hear of small acts of kindness toward others. She will always be pleased to receive a gift of hand-picked wild flowers or a daisy chain head dress.

Of course, Gardinia would live behind one of our Fairy Tweet Fairy Doors, and she would be delighted with either of our Fairy Gardening accessory sets. You will often find one of our printable Fairy Gardening notes (available from the Fairy Circle) left by the Fairy Door after she visits. Unfortunately, her visits usually involve a few little muddy footprints around her door from her tiny Fairy Wellies.

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Now it is time for you to choose your Fairy Door and name your Fairy

 I do hope that this little blog has given you some inspiration for choosing your Fairy’s name, sweet thing. In a further blog, “Finding your Fairy Voice“, we can explore further how to develop your Fairy character and start to build a relationship between your little one and their new Fairy Friend using Fairy Letters. But for now, think about the type of Fairy you would like to come live with you. Select your beautiful Fairy Door, and name your Fairy. Then let us know in the personalisation boxes as you order what you have chosen.

I can’t wait to find out …

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