Time to say “Goodbye”

Our Fairy Door SALE 2021 is now on ... But many of the beautiful Fairy Doors that are in it will be disappearing from The Fairy Nice Trading Company forever once they've been sold.

It's time to say "Goodbye"

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Who's leaving The Fairy Nice Trading Company

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All good things must come to an end, my sweet. And whilst it's terribly sad that some of our favourite Fairy friends are leaving us, it's also super exciting to think that they are making room for NEW Fairy Doors to follow.

But, just in case you are feeling a little anxious that you might miss out on your pick, here's run down of the key designs leaving us shortly.

The Bunting Fairy Doors

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I'm thrilled that we got to have one last magical adventure with these beauties. (Watch HERE if you missed it!) They've been with me from the very beginning of The Fairy Nice Trading Company.

You'll find most of them in our Fairy Door SALE 2021. And we will gradually start phasing them out as our stocks deplete.


Our Green Goddesses

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I've personally always loved this pretty green colour. It's got a kind of cheeriness about it.

But with her sister, Sage, on the way. It's time to pack up the picnic. This colour will be phased out over 2022.

The Last Magenta

fairy door with bunting personalised

Our bright pink Fairy Doors have always put a smile on our customer's faces. However we are now down to our last few and ... When they're gone, they're gone!

But, I think the next Fairy Door leaving us may surprise you, my sweet. Because she's been the most popular colour since the start.

Farewell, Sweet Pink

pink fairy door personalised

Our lighter pink Fairy Door features in all our most popular designs. However, we're going to tone her down a little in 2022, to a slightly paler version.

So, if you love this pretty colour to bits, snap one up asap. Because very soon she will be a limited edition.

Shop the Sale here

We're Parting With Purple

purple fairy door personalised

Finally, our gorgeous purple Fairy Doors are singing us a sweet "auf wiedersehen". Their mauve and lilac cousins will take up their space on The Fairy Nice shelves, as we head into the new year.

The last of the purple Fairy Doors are in the Fairy Door SALE 2021 now!

Shop our Fairy Door SALE 2021, and begin a magical adventure today!

Shop the Sale here

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