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So, this week my girls are on school holidays, - Are your little ones too?

I often struggle when it comes to planning magical adventures when my children are around

Honestly, as a super busy Mummy I have to admit that I often struggle when it comes to planning magical adventures in advance. Particularly when my daughters are home from school and I don't have the privacy to sit at the computer and research my magical moments away from curious little eyes. It gets no better when they are finally in bed. By then I am usually just too tired to crack the laptop open. My brain is done with thinking about magic and wonder. I am ready to let someone else take the helm.

It strikes me that you may well also be suffering this scenario

Does this sound at all relatable, my sweet? If so, I just wanted to let you know that there is a way you can get your daily dose of magic without twitching a mind muscle. There is a wondrous place, full of inspiration and delight waiting for you with it's door wide open. They have advice on tap. Plus, if you need it, some plain old, heartfelt love and support when you find you are missing the enchantment in your life.

We're having magical adventures on instagram every day

This enchanted realm is The Fairy Nice Trading Instagram account. It is where you will find us delighting and inspiring with new magical adventures through the Fairy Door most days.

Do come and join us

I would love you to come and follow us on Instagram, my sweet. Let me enchant you and inspire you to create a magical childhood for your little from a quick, simple and secret glance at your phone.

Click the button above to find us. Hit follow and don't forget to comment "hello" on one of our posts so that I can welcome you.

Share your magical moments

Oh! And of course, if you have a photo of your Fairy Door at work creating magical memories, be sure to tag us in so that I can admire your work and repost it to all our Instragram Fairy Friends*.

 Tag: @fairynicetrading

* I'll only repost if your Instagram account is public. If you are public and do not want us to repost your image, please let us know when you tag us by DM.

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