Bunting Boulevard

Our Bunting Fairy Doors have been firm favourites with our customers since the very beginning of The Fairy Nice Trading Company. So I thought it was high time they had a magical adventure all to themselves.

However, once I got started, I realised that this wasn't just one adventure. Hidden inside this enchanting video are 6 Fairy Door ideas for Summer. Did you spot them all?

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Creating Bunting Boulevard

fairy doors with bunting uk

First things first, a few Fairy secrets for setting the scene.

Imagine a traditional British seafront, with your Bunting Fairy Door sitting pretty like a little beach hut.

For my boardwalk or pier, I have used an upturned IKEA spice rack. Then I accessorised with play sand, some small pebbles and a few aquarium plants (left over from my Pacific Street adventures!)

Now, here are the 6 hidden Fairy Door ideas for Summer...

No. 1: Just 40 winks

miniature deckchairs uk

Two simple little accessories do a lot of heavy lifting in my Fairy Door ideas for Summer - the deckchair and the newspaper.

If you're lucky enough to have more than one deckchair, then arranging them in a line really mimics the traditional British seaside vibe. Open up your Fairy newspaper and spread it across your deckchair, to hint that some-fairy is having a sweet afternoon snooze in the sun.

No.2: Soak up the sun

6 fairy door ideas for summer

However, just one deckchair is more than enough for a little sunbathing scene. But watch out! Your Fairy doesn't want to get sun stroke.

So make sure to accessorise with a sun hat, a paper parasol and a drink to keep her hydrated.

No.3: Fishing

(my favourite Fairy Door idea for Summer!)

miniature fishing scene for fairy doors

This little scene makes me squee with delight! A tiny fishing scene off the edge of our little pier.

Combine your miniature fishing nets with the bucket from the Cleaning Fairy set. I added a biscuit tin to keep my Fairy Nice bait in too.

And to really delight your little ones, how about popping some Swedish Fish jelly sweets in the bucket, as if they've been caught by our Fairy Fisherman.

No.4: Tea's up!

miniature deckchairs

There's nothing quite like fish and chips by the sea... And this is quite like fish and chips by the sea, but in miniature! It's a great follow on scene from your fishing fun above.

I used my trusty newspaper again, to line the basket from our breakfast set. Then just pop the fish inside, and sit back in your miniature deckchair to enjoy.

No.5: Picnic time

miniature picnic basket for Fairy Doors

Now, if you do mothering anything like me, picnicking is much more often on the menu than fish and chips. Come rain or shine, a day out will usually see us tucking into some treats from home. And I think that's why this scene always delights my girls so much.

I simply use the Picnic accessory set for this one, as it's all packed up for me by the Fairies. Sometimes we get out all the little treats. But more often than not, a bag of crisps and a drink will suffice.

No.6: Beach fun!

6 fairy door ideas for summer

After all that food, your Fairies will be in need of some exercise. So let's enjoy some seaside fun and games.

A game of ball and sandcastles are obviously the first port of call when on the beach. But as we are on the pier today, perhaps a little bicycle ride would blow the cobwebs away.

6 Fairy Door ideas for Summer ... and a whole lot more besides!

Pink bunting fairy doors uk

It's so often the case that we begin our Fairy fun with just one thought in mind: A Birthday gift? A Christmas Elf? Or perhaps a visit from the Tooth Fairy?

But as you can see from this blog, once your Fairy Door arrives, magical adventures just seem to tumble out of it throughout the year, without you even realising!

A magical adventure is waiting for you behind every Fairy Door at The Fairy Nice Trading Company

pink fairy doors with bunting

To set you on your journey, let me gift you a free accessory set with your very first order.

Just pop your details in the box below and I'll send you the magic code to use at the checkout, with my fondest Fairy Blessings.

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