Fairy Door fun and childhood memories

The sun is out and it’s time to celebrate outside the Fairy Door. In this blog let’s remember those summer fetes of our youth with an enchanting bit of Fairy Door fun for May Day. Watch as I host a May Fayre, complete with games and dancing and picnic teas, and relive your childhood memories. Then, if you fancy a go yourself, I’ll show you how you can access my step-by-step guide to building this scene. I even have some printable signs and an invitation from the Fairies to share with you.

Let’s get started …

Fairy Doors UK

You are cordially invited to the Fairy Nice May Fayre

Doesn’t that bring back childhood memories

May Day celebrations have taken place in England for thousands of years. The Fairies remember way back at the beginning, when they danced with humans on a warm May night, right out in the open. Nowadays of course, our Fairy friends are far more timid, mostly hiding from much more sceptical humans. But they still love to celebrate the warming weather and natural abundance when the first day of May arrives. But then really, don’t we all enjoy a lovely Summer Fayre? I certainly have fond childhood memories of winning small prizes on the coconut shy and eating ice cream on a sunny day on the playing field beside our school.

Fairy Door ideas for Spring

I think, there is a longing for childhood days inside most of us

When I created my very first Fairy Door for my youngest daughter, it didn’t take long for me to realise that, in truth, this wasn’t all about her. A small part of me dreadfully missed being a child.

I think most of all, I missed the freedom to let my mind wander. With so many cares and concerns as an adult, there just is no time or excuse to forget about everything and “play”. Whether than is with things, or just with ideas.

Often, I catch myself watching or listening in on my girls as they chatter away to themselves. They’re writing stories in their heads, and acting them out with toys or imaginary friends. They don’t notice that anyone is there because they are so lost in their own imaginings, happily exploring an unmapped, unplanned magical adventure. And I must admit, I delight in that and I am envious of it.

A Fairy Door gives you permission to let go of your adult life just for a moment

However, when our first Fairy Door arrived, it brought with it a very special invitation. A pass or permission slip, if you like. It granted me for just a moment, every now and then, the carefree, wide-eyed excitement of a child.

As I put together an enchanting little scene, like the one here in the pictures on this blog, I am allowed to be childlike again. In fact, it’s almost obligatory. How else can I realistically recreate evidence of Fairy life without taking away all the adult “fences” around my imagination. And goodness! That feels so good. To be free to step through the Fairy Door and leave my grown-up self behind, just for a short while.

recreating childhood memories with a Fairy Door

In that moment you grow so much closer to your little one

But if that was not enough in itself, I discovered an even greater gift brought to me through this Fairy Door. You see the more time that I spent in my child’s “world” the lighter I became. I gained a renewed understanding of their little minds, and a renewed gratitude for my own. Suddenly, life itself just seemed more enchanting and as we shared these magical Fairy Door adventures together we became even closer than we had ever been before.

So, I truly believe that once you begin on this enchanting journey into the magical world behind your Fairy Door, your inner child and your actual child will very quickly align. They will become an unstoppable force. The stories that you will create together, about your Fairy Friends and their fantastical lives, will be more spell binding than you could have possibly imagined.

But best of all, the secrets you keep from your little one, and the secrets you share with them, form the basis of a deep and magical bond that can never, ever be broken.

Fairy Door picnic

Just try it. Start with a small magical adventure today. I’ll hold your hand

Now I know what a big and scary step this may seem. To indulge those childhood memories and to play. But I promise that I will hold your hand every step of the way.

I have created many magical eBooks and printable resources for you to use. You can purchase them here in the shop. Or you can find them for FREE in the secret Fairy Circle (if you are a member). To create the magical adventure pictured here in this blog, for Summer Fayre fun, simply download my eBook A Fairy Nice May Day. The printable sign’s for your May Fayre, and an invitation from the Fairies to your little one are included!

And don’t forget to share your Fairy Door fun with me too! Head to instagram and tag @fairynicetrading in your post.

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4 Responses to Fairy Door fun and childhood memories

  1. Patricia 23rd April 2018 at 9:42 pm #

    Ah, this is wonderful! I think it’s lovely if we can all find a little escape from adulthood every now and again, also enabling us see the world from our child’s eyes. Such a lovely post 💕 x x

    • Caroline Dobson 24th April 2018 at 9:26 am #

      Thank you so much for commenting Patricia. I am so glad you liked the blog xx

  2. Estelle 23rd April 2018 at 10:04 pm #

    Absolutely gorgeous as always Caroline and thank you for the opportunity to re-live my childhood ✨xx

    • Caroline Dobson 24th April 2018 at 9:27 am #

      You’re very welcome Estelle. I am so pleased you enjoyed the blog this week xx

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