75 things to do this summer for kids

75 Fairy Nice Things To Do This Summer Holidays

With the summer holidays fast approaching, you may be wondering how you are going to keep your little ones entertained for six long weeks. Well, in this blog I hope to help you. My Fairy workers want me to share their enchanting take on the traditional Bored Jar – The Fairy Fun Jar. This simple little concept will […]

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when the Tooth Fairy didn't come

Uh Oh! The Tooth Fairy Didn’t Come!

My sweet, we have all been there. That dreadful moment when you realise that the Tooth Fairy didn’t come and your little one’s precious baby tooth still lies beneath the pillow. In this blog I am going to share with you: 4 magical reasons why the Tooth Fairy didn’t come Why the Tooth Fairy might wilfully decide […]

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How to attract a Fairy into your home

How to attract a Fairy into your home

 … and more importantly how to know when a Fairy has arrived! It’s a common misconception amongst well meaning grown-ups, that you can just slap a Fairy Door on the wall and a Fairy Friend will show up sharpish. This type of thinking does our enchanted friends a great disservice. In truth, Fairies really are most […]

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