how does the easter bunny get into your house

How does the Easter Bunny get in to your house?

Children are full of questions Often these are very difficult to answer because they are the sort of question that, if you say the wrong thing, could ruin a magical childhood. For example, “how does Santa deliver all the presents in one night?” Or “who sent me that Valentine’s day card?” And my particular favourite […]

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blog - how to catch a leprechaun

How to catch a Leprechaun

Who wants to catch a Leprechaun? As we enter March, a wise Fairy friend keeps a close eye on their Fairy Door. Because, as everyone who’s anyone knows, if you manage to catch a Leprechaun coming through it, you are fully entitled to one WHOLE pot of gold! “The Leprechaun Trap” is a magical adventure […]

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valentine's breakfast with kids blog

Valentine’s Breakfast with the Fairies

Can I invite you to a Valentine’s breakfast? A Valentine’s breakfast is a wonderful way to celebrate this magical date with your little ones … but wouldn’t it be even more enchanting if your Fairy friends could join in too! Let me share my Fairy secrets for creating this enchanting adventure outside the Fairy Door. […]

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fairy door christmas tree

5 rules for using our printable Christmas Fairy letters…

Are you too busy for a magical adventure this Christmas? You’re desperate to give your children some moments to treasure this December… especially after the year we’ve just had! But you can’t understand how people even find a moment to dedicate to a month of Christmas magic, with everything else there is to do. There’s […]

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how to introduce a fairy door for Christmas

How to introduce a Fairy Door for Christmas

The most delightful way to introduce a Fairy Door for Christmas … As a lover of all things magical, I find myself often stumbling across the most wonderful traditions from all around the globe. And when I discovered the Danish Nisse, I also had the unexpected joy of uncovering the most delightful way to introduce […]

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