Expanding Your Child’s Imagination With A Fairy Door

This week we are delighted to welcome a guest post from Pam German. Pam comes to us from The Blog Frog and is here to tell us about the importance of expanding your child’s imagination with magical adventure and a beautiful Fairy Door.

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Children are born with an open mind and a craving to learn.

As a society, we have continually prioritized their use of these naturally born properties. We push academics at a very young age. We fill their minds with facts and principles and expect them to grow beyond our own accomplishments. These are great traits to encourage and children need them.

However, we sometimes push so hard to get all the adult world information into our children’s minds that we put out the light of their imagination. We limit their time to dream and wonder.

Before the days of television, internet, and computers, children spent time with their parents and grandparents. They would sit at the feet of their grandpa, and he would tell them stories. These stories included magical lands where Fairies, unicorns, and princesses controlled the universe. If a bad force entered their kingdoms, it was the powers of those magical beings that saved the day.

We have held on to a few of the icons of wonder. We still have the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny. But with the exception of the tooth-fairy, the other magical beings have been largely commercialised. There is little magic in these figures that do not include the child being given costly gifts.

There is a lesson in the popularity of Elf On The Shelf

alternative to Elf on the Shelf

The modern-day commercialised addition of Elf on the Shelf to our holidays shows us that children still crave magic in their lives. This toy Elf flies off the shelves every year. The children understand the rules of no touching him. They cannot wait to check on their Elf friend every morning to see what mischief he got into overnight. They are thrilled to find that he had explored the cookie jar, or was caught riding one of their toy trucks and was frozen in his tracks at the first crack of dawn.

Investing time into expanding your child’s imagination is essential to their development

Investing more time into allowing our children’s minds to explore their imaginary worlds also has a practical benefit. If children of the past had not dreamed of things beyond their reality, would we have ever walked on the moon? Someone once dreamed of a world where people could fly beyond the stars and imagined what life would be like there.

Telling stories that will expand your child’s imagination is healthy. Imagine placing a beautiful Fairy Door in their room, so Fairies can visit at night and sprinkle them with Fairy Dust for protection. Encourage them to believe in wishes and rewards for kindness. Raise a child who is less influenced by what a nasty kid calls them on the playground because they know in their heart that they are special. His words can’t hurt them.

Children given such a magical way to communicate with their Fairy friends are thrilled beyond measure. Placing a tiny chalkboard near the Fairy Door where your child can leave colorful notes for their friends and their friends can respond allows them to wonder and ask questions.

Expanding your child's imagination with a Fairy Door

Your child’s imagination is a tool. Using it enhances their childhood

I am not suggesting that you stop teaching your children real world information. I am simply saying that children are born with a sense of wonderment. It is logical that they are born like that for a reason. Imagination is a tool. Using it in a fun way enhances a childhood and encourages curiosity.

So expand your child’s imagination. Perhaps your child will think of a cure for an incurable disease, or the solution to poverty. Maybe your child will dare to dream of a world where there is no sickness, war, and poverty. Teach your child to dream of the impossible and they could just make reality a better place.


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