The 5 most enchanting Fairy Door ideas for Easter

A beautiful Fairy Door is the most magical alternative Easter gift for Children. But don’t just take my word for it, dear heart! Let your own eyes be the judge. In this blog I am going to let my Easter Fairy Door scenes do the talking.

Easter Fairy Door ideas

Introducing our 5 most enchanting Easter Fairy Door scenes

Each of the magical Easter Fairy Door scenes below was created using a clever combination of some props from around the home and garden, some magical Fairy Door accessories and a little bit of imagination.

Of course I am a little biased, but I am quietly confident that you will agree with me. If your little one woke to find their Easter treats amongst any one of these enchanting Fairy Door scenes, you would know in your heart that you had just created a delightful and enduring memory that would last well beyond their childhood days.

1.Easter Fairy Door Gardening

Easter Fairy Door UK

If you read my blog, “How does the Easter Bunny get in your house” you will know that this scene has been tried and tested on my own daughters. The Fairies behind this Fairy Door got a little confused about the Easter Bunny’s gifts. They mistook the small chocolate eggs for Magic Seeds! Look, they have planted them in the garden.

After all that hard work planting, the Fairies have set themselves out a little refreshment. There is some hot tea and a lovely chocolate cake in their picnic.

This scene shows the adorable Fairy Tweet Fairy Door in candy pink. This beautiful Fairy Door has a hand painted bird box and gorgeous pink roses on the door frame. I have also used both the Magical Fairy Picnic and Fairy Nice Flower Gardening magical accessory sets. (The mud I borrowed from the Flower Fairies in the garden.)

2.The Easter Fairy Picnic

Fairy Door ideas for Easter

In this Easter Fairy Door scene, the Fairies did not bother with working up an appetite in the garden first. They have gone straight to the picnic. Picnic’s and tea parties are one of the ways that Fairies like to celebrate best.

In this Easter Fairy Door scene I have used one of our most popular Fairy Doors. This blue Fairy Door with pink roses proves that blue is not just for Elves and tomboys. We think that it’s simplicity and soft colour combination make it a gentle and elegant Fairy Door. Particularly so when teamed with a candy pink Magic Post box.

Again, I have used the Magical Fairy Picnic fairy door accessory set. I have added in ice cream sundaes from the Summer Fairy Door accessory set Fairy Door accessory set. Easter treats are piled high in this little Easter Fairy Door scene.

3.What would YOU wish for this Easter?

Easter Fairy Door ideas

When Fairies celebrate, the watch-word is “abundance”. That is abundance of gifts, abundance of food, abundance of presents. Less is certainly not more. So Fairy Door scenes with overflowing anything are always an accurate representation of what would happen in Fairyland. In the previous Easter Fairy Door scene we had a picnic basket overflowing with goodies. Here we have our Wishing Well bubbling over with chocolate eggs.

Our Fairy Wishing Well sets come with a delicate little Wishing Well and a pot of sparkling Fairy Dust. The Wishing Well is carefully hand painted right here in the UK. The sets come in various colours. Choose from candy pink, bright pink, purple, red or rainbow.

This Easter Fairy Door scene also shows our Candy Pink Fairy Door with hand painted Lilac Toadstool attached to the door frame. As with all our beautiful Fairy Doors, this pink Fairy Door comes with a personalised letter from the Fairies and a tiny Magic Key. You can choose to add a pink Magic Post Box and personalised special occasion card to your Fairy Door set too. Wouldn’t that make your alternative Easter gift egg-stra enchanting!

4. An Enchanting Easter Egg Hunt

non chocolate easter gift

That cheeky Easter Bunny! He has gone and hidden his Easter treats all around this Easter Fairy Door scene. Making your traditional Easter Egg hunt more magical with the help of your Fairy Friends is an absolute must once your Fairy Door is installed.

In this Easter Fairy Door scene our Fairy Door with bunting in bright pink is surrounded by hidden eggs. This time I have used mostly items for about the home. Weetabix make the little wall that the bunny is sat on, and I found this delightful miniature tree in a department store being sold as a spring table decoration. Little deckchairs can be found in any of our gardening Fairy Door accessory sets and in the Summer Fairy Door accessory set.

Whenever you purchase one of our beautiful Fairy Doors you will automatically receive the password to enter our secret Fairy Circle. Here we share with you oodles of inspiration for enchanting Fairy Door scenes like these. But we also provide you with ready-to-print Fairy Letters that will really help you to engage your children with the Fairy Friends behind the door. In the Fairy Circle at this time of year we have lots of Fairy Fun to keep little ones giggling in the run up to Easter.

5. Caught Red Handed outside the Easter Fairy Door…

non-chocolate easter gift

Or should I say, “muddy-footed!” Goodness me, look at all the mess that the Easter Bunny has left behind. The Fairies have got their mop and bucket out to tidy up. They don’t want any of that muck getting on the beautiful green Fairy Door with it’s hand painted bunting.

Now this Easter Fairy Door scene works very nicely on Easter Monday, after one of the other scenes at the weekend. If you want to truly convince your little one that somebody actually does live behind the Fairy Door, you will need to follow through with your evidence. Think about it. When we have a party there is always a little tidying up to do afterwards. It is the same for your Fairy Friends. In fact, some pernickety Fairy Friends love to tidy and clean. They almost prefer it to the event itself!

This is where your Cleaning Fairy, Fairy Door accessory set will be most useful. It is a Fairy Door accessory set that I definitely recommend you invest in early on as it is so versatile and useful for so many occasions. Whether your Fairy is doing her weekly laundry or mopping up after messy bunnies, this Fairy Door accessory set is bound to enchant. Because, I have often found it to be the case, that it is really the most small and realistic hints of Fairy life that children find the most mesmerising.

But more of that in another blog.

 See how easy it is to enchant your little ones with a beautiful Fairy Door at Easter

Well my dear, I hate to say I told you so! But now you can now see just how easy it is to enchant your children this Easter with a beautiful Fairy Door. Use one of these adorable scenes. Or maybe you have an Easter Fairy Door idea of your own in mind? I would love to hear about it if you do. Come and share them with us on Instagram.

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