A Fairy Nice Easter Egg Hunt

It's Easter time! And we're expecting a magical visitor...

Easter Egg hunt printables

In this blog let me share how you can use a Fairy Door to begin a magical Easter Egg hunt. I even have a printable Fairy Easter Egg hunt kit to offer you.Are you ready? Lets get started ...

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Don't you just love a visit from the Easter Bunny!


For as long as I can remember, my parents have held an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

Way back in my young days it was just for the three of us – my brother, sister and I.

Now, oodles of children and grandchildren, ranging from toddlers to big kids of over 40 years old, scour their home and garden for treats.

Easter Egg Hut

It brings the family together

Toward the end of a big Sunday lunch my Dad will mysteriously disappear. Only to resurface declaring that a pesky rabbit has been frolicking around his garden again and has gone a dropped a basketful of chocolate treats all over the place.

Of course, everyone is more than happy to lend a hand in this sort of cleaning up! So, little ones first, we all head off with a basket to see what we can find.

An Easter Egg hunt is the sort of timeless tradition that will stay in their memories forever

It’s funny really how such a simple little game can become such an important tradition to little ones.

Do you know, a couple of times my own little family of four has been abroad for Easter and despite being of an age when really you would think they weren’t that bothered, both girls still look for their Easter egg hunt regardless of a change in time zone.

They have such treasured memories of this special family time.

easter egg hunt

It’s time to make some magical memories – Let’s go on a Fairy Nice Easter Egg hunt!

Every year in the Secret Fairy Circle we use our Fairy Doors as a magical start to a fabulous Easter Egg hunt.

I gift our members an enchanting Easter Egg hunt kit.

The kit contains a sweet a letter from the Fairies to start things off.

Then there are 10 printable clues. And of course, just for the Fairy Godmothers, 10 hiding place suggestions too. Because Fairy Door adventures are all about ease and enchantment - You don't want to be staying up late the night before, thinking up riddles!

Finally, there is lots of printable Fairy signage to place around the hunt. These will help little ones on their way.

free printable Easter Egg Hunt

Would you like my printable Easter Egg Hunt kit?

I would love to gift you my printable Easter Egg Hunt kit, my sweet. But's it's locked away in the Secret Fairy Circle!

Not to worry. You can become a member too - Membership is included with ALL of our beautiful Fairy Doors. Or you can purchase lifetime access without a Fairy Door right HERE.

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