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Oftentimes on the blog I talk about the magic in everyday, or how we use a Fairy Door to celebrate a magical milestone, like a birthday or Christmas. But your Fairy Door can also be a wonderful tool for learning. And today I want to share with you specifically how you can use your Fairy Door as a creative way to teach history to young children.

Now, where shall we begin ...

a creative way to teach history to young children

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Let’s call on the Back to School Fairy

Let's call on the Back to School Fairy

Our first meeting with the Back to School Fairy signalled the beginning of Autumn and a new school term. Back then she was invaluable as a reassuring guardian to our little ones as they took their first steps into new schools or nurseries or classrooms.

Now that half term is behind us and everyone is settling down nicely, it's time to call on our dear friend once more. Because November is a month full of remembering events of the past. And who better to help us as we use our Fairy Door as a creative way to teach history to young children.

We’ll use our Fairy Door as a creative way

We'll use our Fairy Door as a creative way to teach history to young children

Obviously, as a magical portal, your Fairy Door is a gateway to anywhere your imagination could conceive. That may well be the enchanted realms of Fairyland. It could even be the worlds you enjoy exploring in your story books. But have you considered that it could also be the most marvellous Time Machine? Taking you backwards, or forwards, to points in time that warrant further investigation.

Little ones are curious

Little ones are curious little creatures

You see, our children are the most curious little creatures. And, just as a bit of Fairy Post or some miniature grocery deliveries will provoke them to ask "who lives here?" and "what are they up to?" So tiny nods toward commemorative festivals will more than likely result in an inevitable demand to "tell me more".

The Fairy Door is a perfect starting point for talking about events of the past

Therefore, by simply setting out a little scene that whispers about an event in the past, you are encouraging your little one to think, and so to ask questions, and so to learn. You have found the perfect Time Machine. A truly creative way to teach history to young children.


Eva investigates her new fairy door

November gives us two such opportunities

Let me give you an example

The magical month of November gives us two such opportunities to use our Fairy Door as a creative way to teach history to young children. First, with Guy Fawkes Night. Secondly, with Remembrance Sunday.

Let's take a little look at these in more detail...


a creative way to teach young children history

Remember remember

Remember, remember the 5th of November

This super simple Fairy Door scene mostly uses items found around the home and garden. In the Secret Fairy Circle there are instructions for exactly how to recreate it. (Join our secret Fairy Circle HERE!). You could even choose to add a miniature Guy Fawkes to your Bonfire, if you are feeling very crafty.

Now many children will be quite familiar with the event that is "Fireworks Night". But once they have observed the fun outside the Fairy Door and identified that this is what is happening, why not ask the question - "Do you know why we celebrate Fireworks Night?"

Lest we forget

Lest we forget

Similarly, we can draw attention to the events behind Remembrance Sunday, or "Poppy Day" as the children often call it. We can talk about why it is important to celebrate Remembrance Sunday, what exactly we are remembering, and how our lives are affected now by the events that took place in the past.

Your Fairy Door is a light, illuminating anything you choose to look closer at

In essence, your Fairy Door gradually becomes more than a pretty plaything. It becomes a beautiful light that illuminates festivals, celebrations and commemorative events just enough for your little ones to see more clearly.

a creative way to teach children about remembrance sunday

Lest we forget

It provides a spark, not just for imagination, but for investigation. And unlike the structured learning of a classroom, or the applied learning of a museum visit or planned activity, this creative way to teach history to young children is organic and natural and largely child-led.

In fact, it really is a very special kind of magic!

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Interested to learn more creative ways to teach children using a beautiful Fairy Door?

In our Secret Fairy Circle we are always adding new inspiration for magical adventures with your beautiful Fairy Door. Including oodles of printable Fairy Letters, eBooks, helpsheets, certificates and activities.

Learn more about our Secret Fairy Circle, and how to become a member, by signing up in the box below:


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