A Fairy Nice Chinese New Year

Oh! I just adore Chinese New Year!

Where January 1 is all about making promises to ourselves, breaking bad habits and setting goals, Chinese New Year is a true celebration of all that is already good in our world. It focuses on health, happiness, and a sense of prosperity and abundance in life.

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Chinese New Year is a beautiful opportunity to allow your Fairies to brighten the grey days of February

Whether you are Chinese or not, Chinese New Year is a beautiful opportunity to allow your Fairies to brighten the grey days of February with the lucky colour red. But also to remind your little ones that their lives are rich – If not in worldly wealth, in love and affection. So there really is much to be truly thankful for.

After all, ahead of them they have a future that is a dashing rainbow of opportunities to turn dreams into reality.

Use your Fairy Door to teach your little one some Chinese New Year traditions

Now I expect you are wondering how we translate all this shining hope and glittering wealth into a beautiful Fairy Door scene that will enchant our little ones? Moreover, how can the Fairy Door convey the traditions and meaning of Chinese New Year?

Well, here are my top tips:

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Fortune Cookies

Who could fail to find fun in a Fortune Cookie! What a wonderful secret surprise treat. Certainly it would be the sort of thing a Fairy Friend might leave outside your Fairy Door as a Chinese New Year gift.

You can buy Fortune Cookies online and in supermarkets. But better still, you might like to have a go at making your own and inserting your personalised messages of love and inspiration for your child.

I found this recipe online, and I hope to give it a go myself: Fortune Cookie Recipe

The Chinese Dragon

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The Dragon Dance, and the ornate puppet that the dancers use, is truly synonymous with China and again symbolises Good Luck. Did you know, the longer the Dragon, the luckier he is thought to be?

I found our little Chinese Dragon in our local supermarket. But what about making your own puppet with the help of your little one using egg boxes? Then, leave it outside your Fairy Door as a surprise for your Fairy Friends. Perhaps they may leave you a gift in return!

The red envelope

It is traditional at Chinese New Year to gift children a bright red envelope. The colour symbolises good luck and prosperity. The act of giving is thought to ward off evil spirits (Naughty Goblins, I shouldn’t wonder!), and giving little gifts is what Fairies like to do best.

By rule, your red envelope should contain money. However, personally I think very little children don’t really understand the value of money as a gift. So I usually fill the envelopes for my daughters with golden, chocolate coins.

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Have fun with your Fairy Friends this Chinese New Year

I hope this blog has given you a little inspiration for some fun with your Fairy Friends this Chinese New Year. Recognising festivals like this, even if they are not your own beliefs and traditions, is a lovely way to use your Fairy Door to enchant little ones, whilst simultaneously subtly introducing them to the magic of the wider world and other cultures.

And remember, if you are ever short if Fairy Door ideas for magical adventures, there are plenty more top tips and secret tricks waiting for you in our Secret Fairy Circle.

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