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A visit from a friend through the Fairy Door is a truly enchanting way to mark a magical milestone or celebrate a special occasion. On our blog we show you how.

how to celebrate pre school graduation

Pre-School Graduation | A Fairy Nice Celebration

What a magical milestone! Your little one is coming to the end of their time in the nursery and they are about to head off to Big School. And what better way to celebrate their Pre-School graduation than with a little help from their Fairy Friends … Why do we bother? The latest craze of […]

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A visit from the Dummy Fairy

A visit from the Dummy Fairy

Asking your little one to give up their dummy seems such a terrible, but necessary task. But in this blog I am going to show you how you can make this milestone truly magical. Together, let us invite the Dummy Fairy to visit. I’m going to talk through exactly how to stage this tiny intervention […]

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when the Tooth Fairy didn't come

Uh Oh! The Tooth Fairy Didn’t Come!

My sweet, we have all been there. That dreadful moment when you realise that the Tooth Fairy didn’t come and your little one’s precious baby tooth still lies beneath the pillow. In this blog I am going to share with you: 4 magical reasons why the Tooth Fairy didn’t come Why the Tooth Fairy might wilfully decide […]

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Fairy Birthday Party Fairy Door accessory set

How to celebrate a Fairy birthday party outside the Fairy Door

Fairy decorations are hung around the Fairy Door. The gifts are bought and wrapped. There’s a Fairy birthday cake  in the oven. It must be time for a magical Fairy birthday party outside the Fairy Door!   We are all of a flutter here at The Fairy Nice Trading Company! We are preparing for some marvellous Fairy birthday celebrations […]

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The Back to School Fairy

Are you expecting a visit from the Back to School Fairy?

September is fast approaching, and a visit from the Back to School Fairy is imminent. For sure, this time of year can bring such a mix of emotion for both parents and little ones alike. So, in this blog post I am going to give you my enchanting little recipe to help those first days […]

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