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Imagine all the magical visitors that could come in and out through your beautiful Fairy Door. From the Tooth Fairy to the Sleep Fairy and many, many more. We meet them all here on our blog.

how does the easter bunny get into your house

How does the Easter Bunny get in to your house?

Children are full of questions. Often these are very difficult to answer because they are the sort of question that, if you say the wrong thing, could ruin a magical childhood. For example, “how does Santa deliver all the presents in one night?” Or “who sent me that Valentine’s day card?” And my particular favourite […]

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The Sleep Fairy | A magical way to help children with nightmares

In my last blog I introduced you to my dear friend, Suzi The Sleep Fairy. We talked about how Suzi can assist you in getting your little one to stay in their bed all night long. A night time wanderer is an exhausting and debilitating thing. But in this blog I want to address something […]

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How to help your child stay in their own bed

The Sleep Fairy | A magical way to get your child to stay in their own bed all night

When I sat down to write this week’s blog about The Sleep Fairy, I quickly realised that I had far too much to say for just one post. You see, of all my Fairy Friends, Suzi Sleeps is the most dedicated, hard-working and kind hearted Fairy I know. From getting a little one to stay […]

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