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Fairy Door ideas for creating magical moments that will enchant your little ones.

free audiobook for children

The Fairy Godmother’s Gift

Are you sitting comfortably? When an unwelcome visitor starts appearing in homes across this world, and the world beyond the Fairy Door, the Fairy Godmother knows just the right spell to make him disappear. In this free audiobook for children, enjoy the magic of this unique tale with your little ones. Let me begin … […]

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how to entertain children stuck at home

60 Fairy Nice ideas to entertain children at home

It’s often tough when your stuck at home with the children. But with the world turned upside down because of Coronavirus, and more of us in lockdown or self-isolation, it’s a position many families now find themselves in. However, full of fun as they are, Fairies are never short of ideas for something to do. […]

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miniature welcome mat

Which Fairy Door accessories to use for Valentine’s adventures

Oh! Hello there my Fairy Friend You caught me at the Fairy chocolates. I was just taking 5 minutes to have a read of my post. It seems I’ve had a request for advice … you’d like to know which Fairy Door accessories to use for Valentine’s magical adventures. Let me help you with that […]

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red fairy door uk

My Favourite Fairy Doors for Valentine’s Day

Take a step through my favourite Fairy Doors for Valentine’s Day. Leave behind the cold, grey of Winter and spend some time in the warmth of a magical adventure with the Fairies. Simply put … I love you Our love for our littles ones isn’t complicated. So when I’m choosing Fairy Doors for Valentine’s Day, […]

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