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Do you want to create an enchanting childhood for your little ones that will last forever in their memories? Are you willing to share your magical adventures with other Mummies and Daddies and inspire them to do the same? If so, then we would love you to become a Fairy Nice Brand Ambassador. In this blog I am going to share all the details with you.

Fairy Doors UK

Fairy Nice Trading Brand Ambassador search

Your Fairies need you!

A Fairy Nice brand ambassador is a very special sort of person indeed. Because, just like our Fairies behind the Fairy Door, they have a strong belief in the magic of childhood at their core.

In their children they actively encourage creativity and a sense of delight and wonder at the world around them. And, whilst they never shy away from the ways of modern life, they do believe that there is a lot to be said for good, old-fashioned imaginative play.

This is what makes a Fairy Nice brand ambassador so completely enchanting

A Fairy Nice brand ambassador loves to watch their little ones pick up an idea and run with it.

Better than that, they love to be the secret spark for that idea, quietly arranging props and prompts behind the scenes. They listen carefully to their children, even when their child thinks they’re not. So they respond creatively and sympathetically to all their little one’s flights of fancy.

What is it that makes a Fairy Nice brand ambassador so completely enchanting, you might ask?

Well my dear, it’s no magical mystery at all really. It’s simply and entirely a deep and unconditional love for their little ones.

finding the fairy door from The Fairy Nice Trading Company

Are you the Fairy Friend we are looking for?

If you read the above and it struck a magical chord, then you could be just the person we are looking for. We’d love you to come and join our team as a treasured Fairy friend and help us bring magical adventures with beautiful Fairy Doors to homes all around the world.

Our search is for highly engaged families, that would love to install one of our beautiful Fairy Doors in their home and enjoy magical adventures with a gentle guiding hand from us.

So, here is what our Fairy Nice Brand Ambassador needs to do...

I wonder what this letter from the Fairies says?

In addition to the above enchanting qualities, you must have an established online presence.

Primarily this should be on Instagram. You should have over 3000 followers, and your posts should be attracting both a larger number of likes, and good engagement through comments.

A presence on other social media channels, your own blog and/or a YouTube channel would also be fabulous.

You need to be able to produce beautiful, high quality images that you would be happy for us to use in our social media and on our website. We would want many of those images to star your darling children alongside our products, so you must be comfortable with us sharing those photos.

If you have any questions about how we would use your photos or what content we prefer, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What our Brand Ambassadors receive in return

Words cannot express how grateful we are to the wonderful families that represent our brand. However we hope that in some small way, a few enchanting gifts will. So here is what our chosen ambassadors can hope to receive:Fairy Doors UK

 A beautiful Fairy Door, with a personalised letter to their little one, a Magic Post Box and a Fairy key, all gorgeously gift boxed, for FREE

FREE, full, lifetime access to our secret Fairy Circle, full of inspiration, advice and ready-written printable Fairy Letters

An exclusive further 20% discount on products in the Fairy Nice shop

Membership of our referral scheme, with discount for friends, family and followers and rewards for you when they shop with us

Fairy Doors UK

How to apply to be a Fairy Nice Brand AmbassadorFairy Doors UK

You will be relieved to hear that there is no Magic Quest to endure for our application process. We would like you to begin by simply registering your interest by signing up in the box below.

Once we know you would like to begin a magical adventure with us, we will ask you to tell us a little more about your family.

We will also need you to send us some photos. These must be of a high quality and representative of your usual style on social media.

Demonstrating that you are inspired by our product pictures and an engaged instagram user will certainly increase your chance of success.

brand ambassador search

Our Fairies are always secretly watching out for you

Remember that this is not a once in a lifetime opportunity at all. We constantly review our instagram account for engaged Fairy Friends that we feel would make great ambassadors, and we will certainly be in touch if we think this is you.

We’ll be in touch

As soon as you sign up you will begin hearing from us, keeping you well informed of how the process is going and of any Fairy fun that we think you will be interested to hear about. But, if you have any questions at all you are always most welcome to contact us whenever you need to.Fairy Doors UK

Fairy Doors UK

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