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"When I made space to remember the joy of making my daughters' childhood magical through our Fairy Door adventures, I quickly realised there is always a reason to celebrate - even during a year of lockdowns"

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The end of The Fairy Nice Trading Company

When the UK went into lockdown for the first time, last Spring, I honestly thought it was the end of my Fairy Nice Trading Company.

Small, and "non-essential", I wrongly assumed there would be no place for our luxury gifts in a world burdened with the serious business of surviving a pandemic.

However, what there did seem to be a space for  - and what I personally craved - was the everyday magic that was suddenly missing from our lives.

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The beginning of a new magical adventure

So, I turned my attention away from "running a business". Instead I allowed myself to remember what it was like to simply have fun with our family's imaginary Fairy friends.

I threw myself into the very essence of our Fairy Doors: Creating magical adventures to enchant my children.

I rekindled that secret sparkle deep inside. The one that you get from staging a surprise that you know will make your little ones gasp with delight. And I quickly realised that, even in times of turmoil, there is always a reason to celebrate.

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Because there is always a reason to celebrate

Before long, more virtual companions than ever were joining me on instagram. Together we delighted our families with Fairy Nice Homeschool and finding fun things to do whilst stuck in the Fairy house.

Whilst humans stayed at home over the Summer months, our Fairy friends travelled the world by Fairy Door. We learned about different countries and continents via magical Fairy Door scenes which invariably involved a sweet treat from our travels.

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Even in the darkest months, there is magic

Autumn brought with it another lockdown. But we went Pumpkin picking with our Fairy friends instead and played "Trick or Treat" with a Naughty Goblin. And when we thought Christmas had been cancelled... Santa snuck in through the Fairy Door.

With the new year and a new lockdown, I made "celebrate everything" the new household motto. The Valentine's Fairy was more than happy to lend a hand. She staged the most magnificent Valentine's breakfast.

Then in March, our Fairies sent word that a a Lucky leprechaun was on the loose. So we tried our hand at catching him! Although all we got for our troubles was a little pile of chocolate coins.

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Your Fairy Door is the most marvellous reminder that a magical adventure is always waiting for you

Now, as we all start to settle back into our "normal" lives, there is one thing I will remember above all things from our year in lockdown: There is always a reason to celebrate.

From the big things like birthdays and Christmas, to the small celebrations of holidays and saints days. And through all those magical milestones in-between: Like loosing a first tooth or giving up a dummy, or learning to pair the socks!

And, if you ever loose sight of the wonder in life, your Fairy Door is the most marvellous reminder that a magical adventure is always waiting for you... especially when you need one most.

The Fairy Nice Trading Company Fairy Doors

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Join me on a our next magical adventure ...

All the magical adventures I spoke about above were created using the inspiration, advice, printable Fairy letters and accessories, contained in our Secret Fairy Circle.

This wonderful place is a member-only area designed to help Fairy Godmothers just like you, create magical adventures to enchant your little ones - quickly, easily and with joy!

We include lifetime membership of our Secret Fairy Circle FREE with each of our beautiful Fairy Doors. But you can also purchase access without a Fairy Door HERE>>

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  1. Rebecca 8th May 2021 at 3:02 pm #

    You brought us all so much love & magic through a really tough few months, especially for our children who desperately needed that sparkle back. You do a wonderful job that is also your passion & that shows in all your creations. We looked forward to your post, lives & stories. They all kept us going & still do now. We thank you x

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