A magical alternative Easter gift for your children

A visit from the Easter Bunny is a delightful thing

He's one of our favourite magical visitors, right up there with Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy.

But bless him! He's not the most imaginative chap and every year his gifts are the same.

So in this vlog, let me share with you a truly enchanting alternative Easter gift for your children that will make this year one they will remember forever.

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My top tips for a magical alternative Easter gift for your children

I hope you enjoyed my little vlog, my sweet. Let's recap on the highlights:

Easter is the perfect time to send a gift from the Fairies

No matter what the special occasion, your Fairy Friends love to give your family gifts.

Easter gives them the perfect opportunity to leave a little something outside the Fairy Door. Just to say "we love you!"

Creative packaging is truly enchanting

Choose a present with an Easter theme, but small enough to be a credible gift from a Fairy Friend.

When it comes to wrapping though, you can get really creative.

alternative easter gift for children

The egg decorations and nest I used were from Hobbycraft (UK). Here's a link: https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/easter/easter-decorations

There's nothing more magical than a little gift from a Fairy Friend

Whatever time of year that you introduce your Fairy Door, the magic is not confined to that moment alone.

When you install a beautiful Fairy Door in your home you open an enchanted portal to a land of gifts.

Whether you want to reward a personal achievement or recognise reaching a magical milestone...

alternative easter gift for children

... if you are trying to teach your child about holidays and festivals or simply wanting to put a smile on their face...

...your Fairy Door gives you permission to gift whenever you want to

- Without waiting for a special occasion!

Now I have a gift for you

To start you on this truly enchanting adventure, I want to gift you a little something extra to go with your beautiful Fairy Door.

Simply pop your details in the box below and I'll send you a magic code for a FREE accessory set with your next order.

alternative easter gift for children

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