The cutest accessories for Fairy Door fun at home

I perfectly understand, my sweet. It's hard to believe in magic when you're stuck on the treadmill of the day-to-day.

accessories for fairy door fun

But don't despair!! Because these 6 cute accessories for Fairy Door fun at home are just what you need to make sure there is a little magic in the everyday...

It's time to bring the magic home

Let's start with a little baking. There's always something magical about creating a masterpiece in the Fairy kitchen.

fairy door kitchen accessories

miniature whisk for Fairy Doors

Our new version of the Fairy Baking accessories includes everything your Fairy friends need to create a show stopper. From a large mixing bowl, right down to a tiny whisk.

A spell to make things clean again

Fairy friends aren't known for being the tidiest of bakers, I'm afraid. So lets clean up after them with some adorable miniature cleaning equipment.

cleaning fairy door accessories

fairy door vacuum cleaner

The Cleaning Fairy Set contains mops, buckets, cloths and even a tiny, weeny little cleaning spray. Add our friend, Hatty the magical Vacuum Cleaner, and the job will be done in no time.

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Washday fun ... even when it's raining!

When Fairy washday comes around, they'll be ooh's and aah's at these cute accessories for Fairy Door chores.

laundry fairy door accessories

fairy letters to get children to help at home

There's everything a Fairy needs to wash her smalls in our Laundry Fairy Set - even if the weather is too bad for outside drying. And you never know! The Fairies might even be able to encourage your little ones to lend a hand at home too.

These accessories will make your Fairy house a home

No home is complete without a few bits of treasured furniture. We recommend these to truly make your Fairy house a home.

accessories for fairy door scenes

free bedtime story online fairies

Your table and chairs will provide a place for homeschool, dinner times, baking and more, behind your Fairy Door.

Then, when it's time to cosy up, team our Cosy Night In set with a sweet Fairy Rocking chair, and let your Fairies spend the evening munching biscuits and enjoying a fabulous Fairytale.

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Fairy Doors UK

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