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When I created my first Fairy Door, I intended to enchant just one little girl – my youngest daughter.

I was absolutely fascinated by the concept of a tiny little door on the wall through which Fairies could secretly come and go to visit the family. The little girl inside me was just enchanted by the idea, and my mind raced with ideas for all the ways I could delight my little girl with visits from various magical friends. It wasn’t until the door was actually on our wall though, that I realised what a source of joy for all the family it really was. It was then I knew that it just wasn’t something I could keep to myself. I had to share this enchanting little Fairy Door with as many families as possible.

So I created The Fairy Nice Trading Company.

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Hello there and Fairy Blessings to you all!

    Caroline Dobson, owner of The Fairy Nice Trading Company

My name is Caroline and I founded The Fairy Nice Trading Company after I created my very first Fairy Door as a unique and heartfelt birthday gift for my youngest daughter, Hayley-Ann. Since childhood I have always been someone who was fascinated by all things magical. So when I first came across the concept of Fairy Doors I was instantly intrigued.

That first Fairy Door I created was intended to simply enchant just one little girl. But as the Fairy Door became an increasingly integral part of our family life I discovered that it was so much more that a pretty little curiosity on the wall. It was a true gift, for all of us … Fairy Doors UK

A Fairy Door for my daughters

There is no doubt that our Fairy Door is a constant source of joy and curiosity. Whether my daughters are coming down for breakfast in the morning, or arriving home from school in the evening, they always glance across to see if anything has changed outside our Fairy Door. If it has, we can be sure of excited squeals of delight and a thousand questions and theories about what could possibly be going on in Fairyland. Their little imaginations are alight and their beautiful eyes are wide and bright with love and laughter.

Mother and daughter discovering a beautiful Fairy Door

 A Fairy Door for me

But the children aren’t the only ones who delight in the activity outside our Fairy Door! There is a certain little thrill I get that could only be described as “magic” when I am creating little scenes of Fairy life, or writing funny little notes from Fairy Friends. In part it’s the fun of it all. Being allowed to let my imagination play and putting myself right back inside a child’s tiny shoes for a while. But it’s something more than that too. The Fairy Door has created a sort of special and secret connection I share with my children. This has becoming increasingly important to me as they get older and spend more time away from me and the home. 

  Most of all though, I never get tired of seeing the glittering eyes and sparkling smiles when one of my girls (or even one of my grown up friends!) discovers that the Fairies have paid a visit through the Fairy Door.

 looking for the leprechaun

 A Fairy Door for others

Very quickly after our first Fairy Door arrived in our home, my eldest daughter put in a request for her own special door for the Fairies. Then my Mum asked me to create one for Nanny Fairy, for when the grandchildren came to visit. My sister asked for one for her twin girls, and then friends started asking for their children. It seemed that so many mothers out there were looking for the same thing I had been looking for. A little bit of magic in their every day.

This little Fairy Door was more than just a novelty item. It was a way that a family could share a magical secret, a bond and a delicious source of delight to both the parents creating the “Fairy life” and the little ones waiting to see what will appear. I knew I couldn’t keep that joy to myself. I had a duty to share it with as many families as possible. So that is when I created The Fairy Nice Trading Company.

The Fairy Nice Trading Company

Now I am blessed to have many lovely customers. I am grateful that they often share their Fairy-tales with me. Many instantly feel the same joy as I when they install their very own Fairy Door – The fun, the excited giggles, the thrill of secret Fairy Door scene creating. But for some my Fairy Doors mean even more.

I have been genuinely surprised by the power that a letter from Friends behind the Fairy Door has. In most cases, just to delight and to let someone know that they are loved; Sometimes to deal with those tiny little issues, such as helping to explain an life change, allaying the little anxieties that can seem so terrifying when we are small, or pointing out the odd unwanted behaviour; And in some cases, a new approach to much bigger issues such as night terrors and terminal illness.
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 Now, let me show you exactly what you get when you purchase a Fairy Nice Fairy Door …

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