About our Fairy Doors

 About our beautiful Fairy Doors

Each of our beautiful Fairy Doors and Magic Elf Doors is made of solid wood and measures approximately 22cm high and 12.5cm wide. They all have a bright white door frame and a coloured door in a gorgeously smooth satin paint finish. The Fairy Door and Magic Elf Door frames are flat so will sit flush to your wall. But our beautiful Fairy Doors and Magic Elf Doors will not open for humans! Only the Fair Folk can pass through our enchanted doorways using their Magic Fairy Keys.

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Each little Fairy Door and Magic Elf Door is lovingly hand finished right here in England, in the UK.

They all have a tiny working door knocker, a letterbox and a beautiful crystal door knob. I like to think that the colour and design of each of our beautiful Fairy Doors suggests a little something about the character of the Fairy that lives behind it. I tell you a little about that character in the product description, and you can read more about it here in a little blog I wrote.

Every one of our beautiful Fairy Doors comes with a letter from a Fairy Friend personalised to your little one

On a very basic level the letter explains to your little one exactly what the Fairy Door is for. However, being addressed directly to your child and containing personal details wherever possible, the letters that come with our Fairy Doors fulfil a much bigger role. They connect your child to the Fairy behind the Fairy Door from the very first moment. They set the tone for Fairy fun for the days, months and years to come. They make this gift the kind of gift that lasts a lifetime or longer. With our personalised letter your child’s Fairy friend comes to life. She becomes real. She becomes a friend, and therefore she becomes important to your little one. She will become one of the family and her Fairy Door will be treasured by generations to come.

Expanding your child's imagination with a Fairy Door

I have always believed that a magical gift deserves a magical entrance

Each of our beautiful Fairy Doors and Magic Elf Doors comes lovingly wrapped in glittering tissue paper. Then, it is safely tucked inside its very own luxury Fairy Nice gift box. We usually despatch within one working day of order. We send your gift by first class postage (unless you have opted for Next Day delivery). In no time at all, your family will be enjoying magical adventures with the Fairies behind your new Fairy Door.

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Our magical adventure together just begins when you purchase your beautiful Fairy Door

As a mother myself I understand that whilst our intentions are always good often our busy lives take over. We set out to create a magical childhood for our children, but we run out of time, or are just too exhausted by the end of the day, to carry that on. I did not want to create something that was simply another unused novelty item, left forgotten on the wall. And I certainly did not want to create a beautiful object that turned into a burden rather than a blessing.

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I want to help you continue to enchant your children throughout their short and precious childhood. I want your little ones, like my little ones, to look back on their young lives and remember days of wonder and delight. Most of all I want creating that magic to be effortless and joyful for you. So, whenever you purchase a beautiful Fairy Door from us you will automatically receive the secret password to our secret Fairy Circle.

The secret Fairy Circle is our own special area where we can offer you continuing support and resources to easily create evidence of Fairy life. This ongoing support is what really makes The Fairy Nice Trading Company unique.

Let’s begin a magical adventure together

Now that you know all about my journey, and what goes into creating our beautiful Fairy Doors and Magic Elf Doors, you will want to get started on your own magical adventures. Head on over to our Fairy Nice Shop. Choose your favourite beautiful Fairy Door. Add some enchanting Fairy Door accessories. I will see you again on the other side of the Fairy Door. Then I will help you enchant your little ones with a little bit of Fairy Nice magic.

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