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There's nothing I like better than talking shop! So on this little page I get to go on and on about our Fairy Doors.

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About our Fairy Doors

personalised pink fairy door uk

Each of our beautiful Fairy Doors is made of solid wood and measures approximately 22cm high and 12.5cm wide. (That's just over 8.5" high and 3.75' wide, for our American Fairy friends!)

They all have a bright white door frame and a coloured door in a satin paint finish. And the door frames are flat so will sit flush to your wall or the back of your house shelf.

A tiny door key

Your beautiful Fairy Door will not open for humans. Only magical folk can use it to pass in and out. So we include a tiny door key, for Fairy use, with each and every one.

A personalised letter from the Fairies

personalised fairy letter

To begin your magical adventure in the proper fashion, your new Fairy friends will include a welcome letter with their beautiful doorway, personalised to the lucky recipient.

The letter explains exactly what the Fairy Door is for, and how the magical folk will use it. We have a rough template we follow, but you can ask us to include any special details you like, via the personalisation boxes when you order.

A magical gift deserves a magical entrance

personalised grey fairy door

I want your little one to remember the moment the Fairies sent a beautiful Fairy Door into their home forever.

So, we wrap each one carefully in glittering tissue paper, then tuck it safely inside its very own luxury Fairy Nice gift box, along with the personalised letter, and the key, and any other little extras you've added to your order.

Send fondest Fairy Blessings with a gift message of your own

If time is short, or you are gifting as a truly magical surprise, we can send your Fairy Nice order straight to a loved one. Tick the box at the checkout, and we'll know to leave the delivery note with purchase details out of the box.

Instead, you can add a little gift message of your own! Simply select the option at the checkout, and tell us what you would like to say.

... And that's just to start with!

Finding a letter outside the Fairy Door

I'll tell you a little secret about our Fairy Doors.

As you select your favourite, and add your adorable accessories, you'll start to realise that this isn't just a gift for your little one. It's a gift for you too!

You're going to have so much fun planning magical adventures, and sneaking little Fairy scenes outside the door. And I'm going to help you with all of it, by inviting you into my Secret Fairy Circle.

Wait until you step inside our Secret Fairy Circle!

making homeschooling fun

We include membership of the Secret Fairy Circle with all of our beautiful Fairy Doors. It's where we hide all our printable Fairy letters, certificates, signs and accessories. It contains oodles of ideas for Fairy Door fun, how-to's for magical adventures, and inspiration for secret surprises.

I regularly update the area with seasonal ideas, and new printables. And every month, you'll find an exclusive Fairy Circle offer of a discount or a free gift, to help you build your Fairy Nice world.

Shall we begin with a FREE GIFT?

Talking of free gifts, I'd love to pop a little welcome gift in with your first order. Just pop your details in the box below and I'll send you a magic code for our latest offer:

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