A Magical New Year’s Eve Tradition for Children

My dear Fairy friends! I couldn't think of a more perfect time to introduce a little enchantment into your home than at New Year. So in this little blog I am going to share with you my humble ideas for a magical New Year's Eve tradition for children that I just know you are going to love.

Let's get started ...

new years eve tradition for children

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A Happy New Year is waiting for us

Don't you just love NEW. New shoes. New friends. New places. New shoes  (- did I say that already? I really DO love new shoes you know.) NEW YEAR!

new years eve tradition for children

I certainly do.

 I love it because at New Year we stand on the edge of something completely clean.

A whole 12 months is spread out before us like a bright, white, blank piece of paper, patiently waiting for us to begin writing the beautiful story of our future adventures.

A magical adventure is about to begin

As the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, just about everything and anything seems possible.

So it is absolutely the right time to harness that feeling of wonder and excitement, and allow the tiniest bit of Fairy magic into your home.

It's absolutely the perfect moment to begin a New Year's Eve tradition for children that allows them to dream of wondrous days to come.

"The most fantastic, magical things can happen. And it all starts with a wish!"

Wishes are the whispers of our heart. They are the secret hopes we tend to keep concealed from those around us.

But in this magical New Year's Eve tradition for children, at this enchanted time of year, I encourage you, dear friends, to share your wishes with the Fairies.

new years eve tradition for kids

Placing a wish in the hands of the Fairies is a magical New Year's Eve tradition for children

At the centre of any Fairy New Year's Eve party worth it's salt, is always an enchanted Wishing Well.

Party-goers write their wishes for the coming year on a tiny piece of paper. They fold it up very tightly. Then they seal it with a kiss and place the wish into the Wishing Well.

make a wish for new year

As the year changes from old to new, the Water Nymphs of the Wishing Well carry the wishes deep into the waters of Fairyland, where they keep them safe until such time as they can come true.

Use our printable Fairy Letter to begin your New Year's Fairy fun

In our Secret Fairy Circle you will find a printable letter from the Fairies, asking your children to make a New Year's wish to put into the Well, just as the Fairies do. There are also oodles of other little printable party bits to help stage the perfect Fairy Party for New Year's Eve.

Membership of our Secret Fairy Circle is included with your beautiful Fairy Door. Or you can purchase lifetime membership without a Fairy Door HERE.

Share your hopes and dreams with your family

Sharing hopes and dreams for future adventures with your family is such a beautiful way to encourage children to aspire to great things. Adopting this little New Year's Eve tradition for children will hopefully set them striding into January full of optimism, believing that anything is possible.

Because, you know, it really is when you have a beautiful Fairy Door installed in your home!

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Make a magical Fairy Wishing Well the centre piece of your New Year's Eve family traditions.

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