How to introduce a Fairy Door for Christmas

The most delightful way to introduce a Fairy Door for Christmas ...

Enjoy our little movie above. Then, read on to learn about the most magical way to introduce a Fairy Door for Christmas and where to find our printable signs...

An adorable Christmas tradition

tiny fairy toolkit

As a lover of all things magical, I find myself often stumbling across the most wonderful traditions from all around the globe.

And when I discovered the Danish Nisse, I also had the unexpected joy of uncovering the most delightful way to introduce a Fairy Door for Christmas.

A perfect way to build excitement

introduce a fairy door for christmas

Now, a Nisse (Danish) or Tomte (Swedish), is a little house spirit. Over the centuries, his role has evolved, and these days you might find him visiting your home to deliver gifts at Christmas.

But unlike Santa Claus, a Nisse / Tomte much prefers a door to a chimney. And so around the end of November, families might find that in a tiny corner of their home, a little renovation starts to take place.

Can you imagine the excitement when your child spots the building site?

tiny fairy toolkit

How enchanting! Can't you just imagine the joyful anticipation when your little one spots the building work!

I tried this on my own little girl this week to introduce a different Fairy Door for Christmas. Even at 12 years old, she was absolutely mesmerised.

What better way to introduce a Fairy Door for Christmas!

install a fairy door

And the best of it was, it was so simple to achieve!

I just used some red and white striped washi tape, my Fairy door accessories, and the printable Fairy Door signs that come with our Fairy Toolbox!

And here are the accessories I used ...

Fairy toolbox

Fairy Toolbox

(inc. printable signs)

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fairy door cleaning accessories

Cleaning Fairy Set

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Fairy gardening accessory set

Fairy Gardening Set

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miniature deckchair red

Miniature Deckchair

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Miniature Christmas accessories

Santa Stop Accessories

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miniature wheelbarrow uk

Miniature Wheelbarrow

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Are you ready to introduce a Fairy Door for Christmas?

Each of our beautiful Fairy Doors include membership of our Secret Fairy Circle for FREE!

So you'll have access to oodles of inspiration, just like this, AND printable goodies, to continue your magical adventures all through their childhood.

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