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After staying at home for so long, the Fairies have begun to notice that one or two jobs need doing about the Fairy house. So, they've got out their miniature Fairy Toolbox and set to work ...

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Job 1: Fix the wonky wheelbarrow

fixing the fairy wheelbarrow

Well, the first thing to go was the Fairy wheelbarrow. Luckily inside their little toolbox, the Fairies had a wee spanner and a sturdy hammer.

They dug out their wheelbarrow instructions* and before long that wonky wheel wobbled no longer!

(*Psst! The instructions and little "Fairies at Work" signs are all included with your Fairy toolbox as a set of Fairy printables!)

Job 2: Does that bunting look right to you?

pink Fairy door with bunting

Whilst out in the garden, the Fairies couldn't help but notice something amiss with the front door.

So, they got out the step ladder (from the Cleaning Fairy set) and set to with the hammer.

Everyone agreed, that the Fairy Door looked much better after a few good whacks!

Job 3: Build a den!

Mermaid Fairy Door

Now, the Mermaids heard the commotion with the hammer all the way from Mermaid cove.

Keen to get in on the action, they sought out their own miniature Fairy toolbox, inspired to built something magnificent with driftwood.

No one was quite sure whether they could call the project a success in modern architecture at the end. But they certainly all had fun making it!

Job 4: Repair the Fairy bicycle

Fairy bike shop

News reached the Fairies of the Mermaids mega build, and they were eager to see this masterpiece.

However, when they got the Fairy bikes out to set off for a visit, low and behold! Something wasn't right.

Off to the Fairy Nice Repair Shop they went. And before long they were cycling merrily once more.

Job 5: Can you smell burning?

pink fairy door shelf

After all that DIY, it was fair to say that the Fairy house was pretty grubby. But when they went to hoover up the dust, there was a distinct smell of burning.

So, out came that miniature toolbox once more. With careful application of a screwdriver (and possibly a hammer. Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies!) Hatty was back to work, as if by magic.

What a magical thing that miniature Fairy Toolbox really is

miniature toolbox

So, you see dear friends, our little toolbox really is the most enchanting box of tricks.

It comes with 8 tiny tools and a wonderful set of printable "Fairies at Work" signage and instructions for several of your magical machines.

Click the button below to have one ready for your Fairy Nice jobs.

Buy your miniature Toolbox HERE

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