4 Steps to the Perfect Fairy Picnic

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Ah! The picnic. One of my favourite ways to eat with children (and Fairies) alike. Outdoors, with tempting treats and preferably with nothing to wash up afterwards. But how do you host the perfect Fairy picnic I hear you ask?

Well, let me show you. It takes just 4 simple steps ...

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Step 1: Someplace to GO

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Begin by creating somewhere beautiful for your Fairy friends to picnic.

Use a Fairy meadow with heart trees for a picturesque countryside location.

Or read my blog How to create a Seaside Fairy Door scene to create your very own beachside picnic spot.

Step 2: Somewhere to SIT

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For many, a simple rug spread on the grass will suffice for a picnic lunch (included in our picnic accessory set)

However, some prefer a little more comfort for a truly perfect Fairy picnic. So how about bringing along a miniature deckchair or two.

Step 3: Something to EAT

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For those who's perfect picnic involves as little fuss and bother as possible, our Fairy Picnic accessory set has everything you need for a fantastic feast.

But if you're craving something a little more homemade, check out my blog 6 Magical Ideas For Fairy Food.

Step 4: Something to DO

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When your Fairy friends are full of food, they'll be looking for something to while away the rest of their magical day.

If they're at the beach, then tiny sandcastles are the perfect bit of Fairy fun. Or how about a game of tennis or a kick about with a ball.

You'll find all these bits and bobs in our fabulous Holiday accessory set.

Now your ready to create a perfect Fairy picnic outside your own Fairy Door

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So, now you know my 4 easy steps to a perfect Fairy picnic, my sweet. I just can't wait to hear all about the fun time you have, whether it be at the seaside or in the fresh country air

... or even inside the Fairy house, if the weather takes a turn for the worse!

fairy door ideas blog

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