4 Fabulous Fairy Door Ideas for Spring

There is something about the fresh scent of Spring that gets Fair Folk all of a flutter. So when blossom starts to appear on the trees and the earth starts to warm, you are bound to see an increase in activity around your Fairy Door. In this blog let me share with you four of my favourite Fairy Door ideas for Spring to help you enchant your little ones.

Let’s get started …

preparing the Fairy garden outside the Fairy Door

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This is a beautiful time of year to begin a magical adventure with your children

I don’t know about you my sweet, but when Spring finally shows her dear face after the long cold winter, I get a wonderful little fizz of energy start up inside me. It’s almost as if we have been living in black and white. Then suddenly someone switches the colour back on. Everything around us seems lighter, and brighter and somehow more magical.

It is no wonder then that Fair Folk will have a renewed burst of energy too, once the clocks spring forward. Just like us they are relieved that the dark days of Winter are fading. They just can’t wait to get outside the Fairy Door and have some fun with your little one. But what sort of things does a Fairy get up to in Springtime?

Start with a visit from some very special visitors

Some of the most enchanting Fairy Door ideas for Spring involve celebrating the seasonal holidays and festivals. And so often, the first sign you will have that things are afoot behind the Fairy Door, is an increase in magical visitors. Lets be honest, it’s been a terribly long time since Father Christmas and the Elves departed. But all of a sudden we have Valentine’s Fairies, Leprechauns and the Easter Bunny, hopping through the Fairy Door in quick succession.

Each of these delightful friends brings with them a new way to chase away Winter blues. Whether that is the kind words of Fairy love letters, the jolly japes of a Lucky Leprechaun or the tasty treats left behind by everyone’s favourite magical rabbit.

Fairy Door ideas for Easter

Now enchant your little ones with fresh evidence of Fairy life

With new friends coming to the Fairy Door every month, the Cleaning Fairies are bound to be beside themselves. Just like us, the Spring air will cause that familiar itch to have a good old Spring clean. Don’t be surprised to see that the Fairy mop and bucket is being put to good use. After months of Magic Snow and muddy boots, they will want to get everything behind the Fairy Door glittering again.

It will simply delight your child to see that their Fairy friends are busy bees, just like them

Something that I never fail to be amused by, my sweet is how much children are delighted by the most seemingly ordinary of things. One can spend an entire even setting up the most elaborate display of fantasy and fun outside the Fairy Door. Only to discover, that your little one is just as enchanted by the appearance of a tiny little basket of groceries or a wee newspaper in the post box. With such bright and brilliant imaginations, I can only assume that to children the fantastical is rather commonplace. That Fairies still have to go about their daily business however, is a thing to be simply marvelled at.

So imagine their delight as we advance further into spring and the weather gets warm enough to put the Fairy laundry on the line, just like Mummy does!

Cleaning Fairy

Use letters from the Cleaning Fairies to get the family involved with a Spring clean

For certain, it is at this time of year that the Cleaning Fairy accessory set is worth it’s weight in gold. So many of the best Fairy Door ideas for Spring involve the little items within it. With this little box of tricks you can quickly and easily pop up an adorable Fairy Door scene in the blink of an eye.

But possibly the best part is, you can use the set and the printable Fairy letters it comes with to get your own family gainfully employed in a good clear up too!

That’s right. New for 2018, our Cleaning Fairy accessory set includes 25 printable Fairy notecards. Some inspire and neatly explain adorable Cleaning Fairy activity outside the Fairy Door. While others ask your children to “be a Fairy helper” and lend a hand around the home. And if that isn’t a breath of fresh Spring air, I don’t know what is.

Cleaning Fairy

Now move out into the Fairy Garden for our final Fairy Door ideas for Spring

Let us not forget that our little Fairy friends are also know as “Nature Angels”. This means they love nothing better than getting outside the Fairy Door, into the fresh air. So when inside the Fairy Door is looking just right, your pal will turn her attention to the space outside.

My final favourite Fairy Door idea for Spring is in my top 4 for a very important reason. Obviously it is super cute and enormous fun. But better than that. This Fairy Door idea only begins in Spring. It sets the stage for an evolving story the continues all the way through Summer, right up to Autumn.

Don your miniature wellies and get digging

I won’t lie my sweet, a little patience is required for this scene to fully bear fruit. To begin at the beginning your friend behind the Fairy Door will pull on her wellington boots. Carefully she will start to prepare the ground for some magical blooms. And she may ask your children to help her plant some Magic Seeds. Then together you all wait for the Fairy Garden to grow. Sometimes you will notice a little activity to help the blooms along. Maybe a watering can here or a little rake there. But generally she will carry on with her Summer Fairy fun.

Until, as if by magic …

Then one morning your children will wake to find the most beautiful sight outside the Fairy Door.

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Now if you are a little apprehensive about the time and effort this gorgeous scene my require, let me put your mind at ease. The full Fairy Garden instructions and FREE printable Fairy letters are all in my mini eBook, A Fairy Nice Garden. I’ll walk you through each and every step. Right down to the Autumn tidy up when the blooms have faded. I’d totally recommend that you use our Fairy Gardening accessory set to make things even easier. But you will see from the eBook that there are plenty of suggestions for alternatives from around the home and garden that you can use instead.

Exclusive offers to help you create your Fairy Door ideas for Spring

I hope that this little blog has inspired you with the magic of Spring, and that you are excited to begin this enchanting adventure with your little one. I wanted to leave you with one last helping hand.

It is super fun to create these adorable Fairy Door ideas for Spring with items found around the home and garden. However it is so much quicker and easier when you use our Fairy Door accessory sets. (Particularly when it is late in the evening and you’d have a full and busy day being a fabulous Fairy Godmother!) So to help you build your magical toolkit, I have some delightful exclusive offers put aside just for you.

Sign up below and I will send you a little something each and every month, to lighten your load. It may be free delivery, a little discount, or even a bonus gift. It will always be something to delight, and will only be offers. I will send you nothing else to clutter up your inbox.


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