Don’t let them leave preschool without these 3 important gifts!

Now, settle down class! Here's an important lesson we all need to learn ... What are the 3 most important gifts for preschoolers as they graduate?

Watch the Fairy Nice story below with your little one and see if you can spot them!

If I could have 3 wishes ...

If I could gift every child just 3 things as they head out of the Nursery door and off down the path of childhood, do you know what I would give?

It wouldn't be a book or a badge. It wouldn't be a toy or a trinket. It would be the 3 things they are going to need most as they navigate life:

I'd  give the gift of praise

meaningful gifts for preschoolers

Not just the big old, showy-off kind of praise that's reserved for winning the world cup or inventing time travel. I'd celebrate every little win. No matter if it's only they and I who see it.

When they learn to tie a lace, or make a new friend, or get their "pen licence", I'd celebrate. When they conquer their fear of Sports Day, ride a bike without stabilisers, or try a new vegetable, I'd celebrate.

How? Well, I'd let them know how very, very proud we all are with a Fairy Nice certificate of Excellence and perhaps a tiny reward, quietly left outside the Fairy Door, of course!

printable certificates of praise for kids

I'd give the gift of comfort

Early childhood can be a daunting place! So many big new things to navigate. Big school. Bigger kids. Even bigger ideas that seem so complicated. Sometimes it can all be a bit much.

So, when they felt sad, or scared, or a little bit lost, I'd make sure they knew they were not alone. I'd leave a letter outside the Fairy Door letting them know I was there, watching over them, with a friendly ear and a bag full of wise council. A Fairy friend for life.

gifts for anxious kids uk

I'd give the gift of encouragement

Because you don't have to be big to be brave. All you need is to know that it's OK to try, and it's OK to trip. Slip ups are the way we grow and become something great!

One look at the adventures outside the Fairy Door should be enough to show that nobody's perfect, not even Fairy friends. But if they do have a little wobble, a quick change of scene will show that there is no mistake that can't be mopped up.

magical preschool graduation idea

Find the 3 most important gifts for preschoolers tucked neatly behind your Fairy Door

Whether to praise, comfort or encourage, when you invite a Fairy friend into your home your child is never without a champion.

From the moment that they open the gorgeous gift box, and read the personalised letter inside, they'll begin to journey through childhood surrounded by love, support and magical memories that will be treasured forever.

Begin your magical adventures today, with a free gift for your preschool graduation

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