3 Fairy Door ideas for Easter

Easter is the perfect time to enjoy a magical adventure outside the Fairy Door! And here are my top three most enchanting Fairy Door ideas for Easter fun...

1.When the Tooth Fairy met the Easter Bunny

5 fairy door ideas for easter

Oh dear! It seems that when the Easter Bunny sprung through the Tooth Fairy Door, she totally misunderstood his gift of chocolate eggs!

Our little Fairy Friend has mistook them for magic seeds and has begun to plant them in this adorable Easter Fairy garden scene.

tooth fairy door uk

What's in this scene?

My first Fairy Door idea for Easter is based around a Fairy Garden adventure.

It features our beautiful blue Tooth Fairy Door and brand new Kitchen Garden Fairy Window.

I've teamed mini chocolate eggs with a Fairy Gardening set.

I added in the bonnet from our Easter accessory set, and a little tea mug for extra enchantment.

The delight behind this magical adventure is that you can conjure up a sweet little story behind it. Why not imagine with your child a tale about the Easter Bunny visiting the Tooth Fairy.

easter fairy door uk

You can stretch the adventure over several days. Beginning with the visit and perhaps afternoon tea. Following with the Tooth Fairy mistaking her gift for seeds and planting them. Then finally harvesting the eggs to gift to your little one!

2. A Fairy Nice Easter Picnic

easter fairy picnic

Picnic’s and tea parties are one of the ways that Fairies like to celebrate best. Nothing is more delightful in Springtime than spreading a rug in the meadow and tucking into some tasty treats.

fairy door ideas for easter

What's in this scene?

In this Easter Fairy Door scene I have used one of our most popular Fairy Doors.

Our Summer pink Fairy Door is perfect for a picnic, with it's pretty blooms about the door frame.

Then, I simply combined the Fairy Picnic Accessory Set with the Easter Accessory set, and filled both baskets with real chocolate Easter eggs. That way, your little one can join in the feast too!

3. An Enchanting Easter Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt printables

Of all my Fairy Door ideas for Easter, this final one is the most interactive - It's the traditional Easter Egg Hunt.

But it is also the most simple! Because your Fairy friends have already kindly provided a set of clues for you. You just have to print them off, and hide the little eggs.

childrens gifts for easter uk

What's in this scene?

The Fairy Door featured here is our pretty Spring purple Fairy Door, and I have simply hidden little chocolate eggs all around it.

But to turn this sweet view into a magical adventure you will need your printable Easter egg hunt clues and decorations! You'll find these in our Secret Fairy Circle.

And how do I join the Secret Fairy Circle?

Membership of the Secret Fairy Circle is included for free (RRP £20) with each of our beautiful Fairy Doors.

Your membership gives you lifetime access - not just to these printable clues, but to all our printable resources! From Fairy letters to certificates to games and decorations. Plus we share oodles of inspiration for magical adventures, alongside some sweet Fairy tales for the children besides.

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