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Are you ready to take your little one on a magical adventure

Are you ready to take your little one on a magical adventure with a beautiful Fairy Door?

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From the moment they open the luxury gift box and read their personalised letter from the Fairies, your child will be totally enchanted by their beautiful new Fairy Door.

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Free membership of our Secret Fairy Circle is included with each of our beautiful Fairy Doors

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The thought of continuing to create enchanting evidence of Fairy life may seem a little daunting. But there is no need to worry! When you purchase one of our beautiful Fairy Doors, you will receive FREE membership of our Secret Fairy Circle*.

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printable miniature donut box for Fairy doors

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Free printable Fairy letters

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In the Fairy Circle you'll find all you need to help you enchant your little one with a beautiful Fairy Door with ease and delight. Step inside and find a library full of inspirational eBooks, help sheets and videos;  Plus oodles of ready-written, printable Fairy Letters all at your disposal.

(*Also available to purchase separately. RRP £20)

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Then, mesmerise your little ones and delight their bright imaginations with our adorable Fairy Door accessory sets

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Each of our Fairy Door accessory sets designed to help you easily create convincing evidence that somebody really is living behind your Fairy Door. From celebrating magical milestones to re-creating everyday life behind the Fairy Door, our Fairy Door accessory sets cover ever enchanting occasion.

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Fairy Doors UK

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Fairy Doors UK

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