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At The Fairy Nice Trading Company we create beautiful Fairy Doors, Magic Elf Doors and Fairy Door accessories, so that you can create magical childhood moments that your little ones will treasure for all time.


Are you ready to begin creating magical moments with a beautiful Fairy Door?

Step one: Choose your very own beautiful Fairy Door or Magic Elf Door.

Fairy Doors uk       personalised Elf Doors UK

Each of our beautiful Fairy Doors and Magic Elf Doors is hand finished right here in England, in the UK.

Your Fairy friend is about to become a much loved part of your family. That is why each of our Fairy Doors and Magic Elf Doors comes with a personalised letter from your new Fairyland Friend. The letter will introduce your Fairy Friend and explain a little about how they will use the Fairy Door. We also include a teeny tiny Magic Door Key so that they can let themselves in and out unnoticed.

We appreciate how much love will go into the choice of a beautiful Fairy Door for you little one. So, we will carefully wrap your Fairy Door or Magic Elf Door in sparkling tissue paper. Then, we will send it to you tucked into a gorgeous Fairy Nice gift box.

Fairy Door shop uk


Build the enchantment and begin a magical adventure with your Fairy Door

Step two: Select adorable Fairy Door accessories as evidence of the magical friends that live behind your Fairy Door or Magic Elf Door.

Accessories for fairy doors uk

The key to achieving memorable and truly magical moments with a Fairy Door or Magic Elf Door, is to create enchanting Fairy Door scenes that will mesmerise your little ones and delight their bright imaginations. Our Fairy Door accessory sets are designed to help you easily create convincing evidence that somebody really is living behind your Fairy Door or Magic Elf Door.

Let the Fairy Fun begin!

Step three: Step inside our Fairy Circle. Discover exactly how you will enchant your little one with your Fairy Door or Magic Elf Door.

The thought of continuing to create enchanting evidence of Fairy life may seem a little daunting. But there is no need to worry! Whenever you purchase one of our beautiful Fairy Doors or Magic Elf Doors, you automatically receive the secret password to our Fairy Circle.

As one of our treasured Fairy friends, you are free to visit the secret Fairy Circle as often as you like. Inside you will find:

Inspiration for Fairy Door scenes that will totally enchant your little ones

How to use Fairy Doors

Each month we will provide fresh inspiration to help you create the most enchanting Fairy Door scenes for your little ones. We will cover everything from celebrating magical milestones, to changes in the seasons, to daily chores. You will discover just how easy it is to mesmerise your family with the comings and goings of magical friends, because you will have access to all our most secret tips and tricks for creating evidence of life behind your Fairy Door or Magic Elf Door.

The Fairy Nice Library

Stuck for ideas or after a little bit of Fairy fun? In the Fairy Nice Library you will find all you need. This ever expanding area is full of fun Fairy facts, games, help sheets and how to videos.

free printable fairy resources for Fairy Doors        free printable fairy letters

The Fairy Post Office

If you find yourself struggling to pen the perfect Fairy Letter, we are here for you. In the Fairy Post Office you will find a plentiful supply of Fairy and Elf letters and cards. They are all written for you and ready to print. Some letters are even designed especially to fit your Fairy Post Box. Just click and they will appear like magic!

Fairy Doors UK What are you waiting for?

It’s time to begin your magical adventure

Shop now for your beautiful Fairy Door or Magic Elf DoorFairy Doors UK