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Invite one of our beautiful Fairy Doors into your home and turn their childhood into a magical adventure they will remember forever

Our biggest ever Fairy Door SALE is now on! Shop with up to 70% off before we close to begin a new adventure in April 2024.

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Create a new magical memory with every Fairy visit

Starting from the very first moment they meet their Fairy friend.

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Can't you just imagine their little face shine as they spot the shimmering gift box, embossed silver lettering inviting them to peek inside.

Can't you just picture their little eyes growing wide with wonder as they peel back the sparkling tissue paper and spot a pearlescent envelope with their own name across it.

Can't you just hear their gasp of delight when they spy the beautiful Fairy Door they've been sent by the Fairies - A Fairy Door unlike any you may have seen before. Exquisitely designed. The light catching on the tiny crystal door knob as though it were made of pure Fairy Dust.

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Did you know? Free membership of our Secret Fairy Circle is included with each of our beautiful Fairy Doors!

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When you purchase a beautiful Fairy Door from The Fairy Nice Trading Company, I will personally welcome you to step inside our Secret Fairy Circle for a whole year of FREE fun.

This member-only area is chock-full of original Fairytales to share with your family and ideas and advice for continuing the enchantment with your beautiful Fairy Door.

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Plus, our Secret Fairy Circle contains literally hundreds of printable Fairy Letters, certificates, Fairy Door decorations and accessories.

All of which you are free to download to delight your little ones as often as you need!

Learn more about our secret Fairy Circle

(Also available to purchase separately. RRP £30)

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Whilst our beautiful Fairy Doors are so stunning they caught your eye, it's our adorable Fairy Door accessory sets that will truly mesmerise your little ones and delight their bright imaginations

Each Fairy Door accessory set is carefully curated to help you easily enchant your little ones with magical adventures - Over and over again!

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